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Looking Back at the Best Wedding Trends of 2020

Through all of the highs and lows of 2020, we can confidently say one thing – this year brought some of the BEST wedding trends we’ve ever seen, and we’re overjoyed to get to share them with you! Each year, we love looking back and remembering the trends that stood out to us, and 2020 is no different. There’s no better way to ring in the new year than looking back through all the remarkable trends we saw this year – from statement florals and decor to minimalist gowns to putting the “cute” in charcuterie and everything in between. Our expert team of Oklahoma wedding vendors more than delivered on the trends this year, bringing them to life in ways we couldn’t help fall in love with. Take a look back with us as we recap our top 10 weddings trends of 2020, and get all the inspiration you’ll need for 2021. Cheers to the new year!

Grandmillennial Style

Grandmillennial style – or granny chic – was one of the most emergent trends in 2020, even though it’s been around for quite some time. Grandmillennial style emphasizes floral patterns, bold colors and eclectic antiques, creating a blended style that marries a millennial’s modern take on their grandma’s traditional style. As the juxtaposition of minimalism and maximism, grandmillennial style is comfy-cozy and the perfect reflection of the individual’s story and personality. We adore how down-to-earth this unique, vintage and nostalgic trend turned out in these 2020 wedding scenes!

Allie’s Baking Boutique | Baked Cookie Co. | Ever Something | Party Pro Rents | Mark Boatright Photography

Annie Brady Design | Amy Herndon Photography

Catherine Hart Mick Swab Amanda Watson Photography

The Mayo Hotel | Party Pro Rents | Anthousai | Amanda Watson Photography

J.J. Kelly Bridal Salon | BC Clark Jewelers | Amy Cakes | Abbey Road Catering | Marianne’s Rentals | Naifeh Fine Jewelry | Choate House


Champagne Displays

Champagne displays add just the right amount of visual interest to any wedding reception, and we adore how unique and non-traditional they are! These champagne displays took creativity to a whole new level, whether being multi-functional or just being an eye-catching focal point of these wedding scenes. With a champagne display, these celebrations were definitely poppin’!

champagne tower

BC Clark Jewelers | Paper + More | Amy Cakes | Hilary Tailored Events | The Medieval Garden | Prescott Bridal | Royal Oak Salon & Spa | Mood Party Rentals | Bonobos | Mary Keen Photography | Civic Center Music Hall | Unveiled Media

Bella Rose Bridal | Amy Cakes | Marianne’s Rentals | OKC Entertainment and Events | Poppy Lane Design | Susan Alyse Photography | Coles Garden Wedding and Event Center

Blaire Bowers Nic Ersteniuk KGC Photography

Marianne’s Rentals | Renaissance Waterford Oklahoma City | Bella Rose Bridal | Bella Bridesmaids | Mood Party Rentals | Box Talent | The Fleuriste | No Regrets | KGC Photography

J.J. Kelly Bridal Salon | Abbey Road Catering | Sparkling TulipsMarianne’s Rentals | XO By Haleigh Kenney | Park House at Myriad GardensFête | Dani G. Photography


Neon Signs

Neon signs are an edgy and moody decor piece that can brighten up any wedding scene – literally! One thing we love about neon signs is their customization and the sweetest personal touch they add to traditional wedding decor, while being perfectly non-traditional in the most stunning way. While being completely versatile, neon signs fit just about any and every wedding theme and style. We can’t wait to see this trend continue into 2021!

Sweet Devotion CakeryMarianne’s Rentals | Party Pro Rents | Poppy Lane Design | Laurel & Marie | Dream Point Ranch | Rachel Waters

Blue Label Bartending | Chantilly CouturePrescott Bridal | Amy Cakes | Marianne’s Rentals | Mood Party Rentals | Poppy Lane Design | The Baumberhof | Embellished Weddings | Brianna Record Potography

Chirps & CheersEver Something | Tulsa Club Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton | The Letter BoxParty Pro Rents | Naifeh Fine Jewelry | Hannah Pierce Photography

Amy Cakes | Gaillardia Country ClubAbbey Road Catering | Marianne’s Rentals | Mood Party Rentals | Ever Something | Brett Heidebrecht PhotographyCivic Center Music Hall | BC Clark Jewelers


Color Block Backdrops

Color block backdrops allow you to bring any color into your wedding scene, whether it be pastels, terracotta or bright citrusy hues! Besides being multifunctional either as an altar or photo booth setting, color block backdrops made these wedding scenes unforgettable with all of their unique touches. We’re definitely riding the color block train into 2021!

Peachy Spain Ranch Wedding Inspiration Oklahoma Wedding Venue Spain Ranch Oklahoma Wedding Photographer Ashton Marie Photography

Bella Rose Bridal | Allie’s Baking Boutique | Party Pro Rents | Amy Lee Illustration | MLB Artistry | Bubbles and Brews | Ashton Marie Photography | Spain Ranch

Mod Boho Elopement Inspiration Oklahoma Wedding Catering Caterer OK Graze Charcuterie Oklahoma Wedding Decor Rentals Runaway Belle Vintage Rentals

OK Graze | Runaway Belle Vintage Rentals | Rachael Marie Photography | Detailed Dream Events | Redbud Floral

Bohemian Southwestern Romance Wedding Inspiration Oklahoma Wedding Venue Spain Ranch Oklahoma Wedding Decor Rentals Party Pro Rents Scavenged Vintage Rentals

Party Pro Rents | Scavenged Vintage Rentals | The Black Barn at Spain RanchSpain Ranch | Boston Mountain Photo


Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a classic boho wedding element that definitely made its appearance known in 2020! Used in almost every floral installation imaginable, pampas grass is a trend we know we’ll see make even more appearances in the new year. Gorgeous in themselves or paired with complementing dried florals, pampas grass is a trend we’re LIVING for, and these scenes are the epitome of pampas grass in the most stunning ways!

The Carter Collective |The Bridal Boutique | Borrowed & Bleu Co. | Transform Visuals | Bobbye Jean Photography

Sparrow BeginningsBlue Label Bartending | Bella Rose Bridal | Uprooted Designs | Ricki Thompson Media

The Bridal Boutique | XO By Haleigh Kenney | Brushed Salon and Makeup Studio | Sorelle – The Meadow on Deer Creek | Borrowed Charm | Robby and Savannah Photography

Bohemian Celestial Wedding Inspiration Oklahoma Wedding Venue The Legacy at MK Ranch Oklahoma Wedding Flowers Floral Florist The Flower Shop Pryor

Sweet Devotion Cakery | Katie’s Custom Decor | Party Perfect Event Rental + Design | The Flower Shop Pryor | Haley McElroy Photography


Grazing Tables/Charcuterie Displays

Charcuterie – or as we like to say, char*cute*rie – is a delectable and innovative wedding trend that emerged from 2020! Whether as a spread on a grazing table or a small charcuterie tray, our team of vendors knocked it out of the park with the creativity in these displays that can’t help but make our mouths water. As one of the latest trends of 2020, we’re excited to see where 2021 takes this delicious trend!

Mod Boho Elopement Inspiration Oklahoma Wedding Catering Caterer OK Graze Charcuterie Oklahoma Wedding Decor Rentals Runaway Belle Vintage Rentals

OK Graze | Runaway Belle Vintage Rentals | Rachael Marie Photography | Detailed Dream Events | Redbud Floral

OK Graze | Loganna Photography | Redbud Floral


Pastel Palettes

Pastel palettes are a timeless wedding trend that made big statements in 2020. Light and bright wedding scenes stole the show this last year, as light pinks, blues and purples infuse these palettes to create a pastel dream. We can’t help but absolutely love all of the soft and subtle hues from these 2020 wedding scenes!

Tammy Odell Photography | Tease to Please Hair & Makeup | Prescott Bridal | All Things Cake | Katie’s Custom Decor | June Sixteenth Events & Florals  | Marianne’s Rentals

Marianne’s Rentals | Katie’s Custom Decor | Mishelle Handy Cakes | Bethany Faber Events | Poppy’s GardenBella Rose Bridal | Profile Beauty NookNo Regrets | Modern Love Photography

All Things Cake | Katie’s Custom Decor | Robyn’s Flower Garden | Ellis Bridal | Jay’s JewelryAshton Marie Photography | Glass Chapel

All Things Cake | Ellis Bridal | Justin Thompson CateringParty Pro Rents | Andi Bravo PhotographyGlass Chapel


Textured Wedding Cakes

If it’s true that a cake is only as good as it looks, than these textured wedding cakes must taste incredible! From textured fondant to layered buttercream, the stunning features of these unique textured wedding cakes instantly caught our eye. 2021, this trend is coming for you!

Lauren Beauregard Photography | Naifeh Fine Jewelry | Paper + More |  Tease to Please Hair & Makeup | Prescott Bridal | Amy Cakes | Robyn’s Flower Garden

Royal Oak Salon & Spa | Amy Cakes | Uprooted Designs | The Bridal Boutique | Kelley Jewelers | Sarah Libby Photography | Plenty Mercantile | Occasions | Southwind Hills

J.J. Kelly Bridal Salon | BC Clark Jewelers | Amy CakesMarianne’s Rentals | Tony Foss FlowersBrushed Salon and Makeup Studio | Brett Heidebrecht Photography | Gaillardia Country Club | PenWeddings

PenWeddings | Sweet Devotion Cakery | Party Pro Rents | Glass Chapel | Hanna Taylor Photography


Minimalist Bridal Gowns

Sometimes less is more, and if these minimalist bridal gowns are any evidence, going minimal can really make a huge statement! We can’t get over how simple yet extremely elegant these brides were in 2020 with their minimalist gowns. So simple yet so lovely – and we couldn’t love it more!

The Skirvin HiltonChantilly Couture | Amy Cakes | Mood Party Rentals | Box Talent | XO By Haleigh KenneyFête | Peyton Rainey Photography

Embassy Suites Oklahoma City Downtown Medical CenterMarianne’s Rentals | The Bridal Boutique | Brushed Salon and Makeup Studio | June Sixteenth Events & Florals | Robby and Savannah

Bella Rose Bridal | Stacie’s CakesAbbey Road Catering | Mood Party Rentals | Box Talent | Poppy Lane Design | Paper + More | The Baumberhof |Embellished Weddings | Holly Felts Photography

Renaissance Waterford Oklahoma City | Chantilly Couture | Amy CakesBox Talent | Abbey Road Catering | Marianne’s Rentals | Paper + More | XO By Haleigh Kenney | KGC Photography | Coles Garden Wedding and Event Center


Stunning Seating Charts

Stunning seating charts came to life in 2020, and we adore how bold and fun these ones are! Seating charts are a great way to incorporate a little fun into wedding decor and reflect unique elements about each couple. What an adorable way to bring your guests a little bit of extra joy as they find their seats for the celebration!

The Mayo Hotel | Party Pro Rents | J.J. Kelly Bridal Salon | Laurel & Marie | Box Talent | Annie Brady Design | Jo Johnson

modern tropical seat tags

Party Pro Rents | Tulsa Club Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton | Laurel & Marie | All Things Cake | Nicole Allen EventsThe Flower Shop Pryor | Ellis Bridal | Muse Beauty Bar | Katie Hadley PhotographyTransform Visuals

Chantilly Couture | Marianne’s Rentals | Anthousai |  Fête | Lenin & Becca Photography | Oklahoma City Museum of Art

While we love these trends from 2020, we’re way too excited to see all that 2021 has in store! Follow our blog to make sure you’re always on top of the latest trends in the new year! Cheers!

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