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Cakes & Sweets

Savory Sweets Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to sweets, we certainly have a weakness! Which is why we’re certain adding delicious treats to your wedding menu will be an absolute hit with your guests! Check out these darling desserts from some of Oklahoma finest caterers and bakers!

Photos from top to bottom: Abbey Road Catering, BRC Photography | Aunt Pitty Pat’s Catering, Kristen Edwards Photography | Madison’s on Main, Ely Fair Photography | The Rancher’s Club, Kristen Edwards Photography | Rosebeary’s Designs in Baking (cake), 42nd Street Candy Co, Picturesque Photos by Amanda | Sweets & Spurs, Picturesque Photos by Amanda | Abbey Road Catering, BRC Photography

Other Local Vendors: BRC Photography, Madison's on Main, 42nd Street Candy Company, Aunt Pittypat's Catering, Picturesque Photos by Amanda, Ely Fair Photography, Sweets and Spurs, The Rancher's Club