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Archive | Wedding Inspiration

Wednesday Pinsday – June 26 – Fab Faces

Artworks Tulsa Kevin Paul Photography BRC Photography Traina Photography

It’s your wedding day and you want every detail to be flawless — especially your makeup! We love these fresh looks that local makeup artists have created to make sure you feel like a classic bridal beauty on your big day! For more inspiration and fab faces, visit our Pinterest page for a collection of our favorite flawless faces! Happy Pinning!

Photo credit (top left to bottom right): Malorie Avaline, Jennifer McLaughlin, Tara Lokey Photography | Malorie Avaline, Ashlee Bivens, Artworks Tulsa Photography | Faccia Bella, Traina Photography | Rhianon Sappenfield, BRC Photography | Rhianon Sappenfield, Sooo Lilly, Kevin Paul Photography