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Winter Wonderland Styled Shoot at Rosemary Ridge

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As if we’re caught in a winter wonderland, this chic winter themed styled shoot is dripping with classic red and green elements in the moodiest color palette! Filled with all things festive, the rustic Rosemary Ridge was the perfect venue for this holiday-inspired shoot. Our favorite details, including the trendy, nearly-naked by Amy Cakes topped with gold drip icing and delicately arranged florals by June Sixteenth Events in a variety of wine and white-hued blooms, brought the scene to life. Hints of the wintery holiday are made complete with rustic chic rentals from Grassroots Vintage and and the most stunning emerald green settee from Fancy Couches. Adding the finishing touches on this styled shoot, BRUSHED Salon and Makeup Studio styled the model bride with pristine golden-red hued makeup and a twisted updo. Keep an eye out for earthy feather and geode details and peppermint wedding favors as you scroll through this festive shoot!  Cheers to all those celebrating with a holiday wedding this season!

Photos // Michelle Leigh Photography

Reach Your Wedding Day Fitness Goals with Pure Barre Edmond

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With diet trends and new workout regimes surfacing every day, we wanted to take a minute to highlight an exercise concept that encourages a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Pure Barre Edmond focuses on the importance of community in achieving fitness goals with its friendly, high-energy atmosphere. Getting wedding day ready can be intimidating, but we’ve done our best to answer a few commonly asked questions regarding Barre that we hope can help you reach your fitness goals in time for the big day! Cheers!

Reach Your Wedding Day Fitness Goals with Pure Barre EdmondWhat is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is the largest, most established barre franchise in the nation, with more than 460 studios throughout the U.S. and Canada, and more studios opening each month. Pure Barre is a total body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements, which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques.

What makes Pure Barre so effective?

Pure Barre prides itself on transforming the shape of your body in record-breaking time. The low impact, high energy workout eliminates overexertion, leading to fewer injuries. Pure Barre engages your entire body, from rarely used muscles to commonly used ones in order to sculpt your figure while focusing on the importance of stretching. Flexibility is a crucial aspect of building and maintaining strength! Barre welcomes all fitness levels and requires no former experience. In case you aren’t able to complete a routine, Barre offers modifications that can easily adjust certain moves to accommodate your ability.

How should your diet change?

A nutritious diet is key to seeing results with Pure Barre! Incorporating fruits and veggies into your meals is a great way to improve physical and mental well-being. Next time you sit down at the dinner table, try eating colorful produce first before chowing down on fatty meats and potatoes. Choosing low-fat proteins such as skinless chicken or egg whites can help you avoid weight gain while still obtaining the amino acids necessary to build lean muscle. Understanding portion size is tricky, but can ultimately mean the difference between healthy balance and overeating. Read those nutrition labels!

What healthy habits should you adopt?

Exercising just 30 minutes a day can boost your health in a number of ways. It can lower your stress level, blood pressure and strengthen your heart. It can also boost your brain health. Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis is so important. Dehydration has been linked to headaches, fatigue and misinterpreted hunger. Another easily forgotten aspect of weight loss is sleep! Studies show that adults need around 7-8 hours of sleep in order to function optimally.

How can you boost your Pure Barre workout with natural supplements?

There is a wide variety of natural supplements that can drastically improve your Pure Barre experience and help you recover afterwords. B-12 supplements and Vitamin D can make a big difference when it comes to energy. Vitamin B-12 helps convert food into glucose, making it one of the most important nutrients for sustaining energy levels. Vitamin D plays a role in bone density and energy production, so having low D levels can make your workout performance suffer, particularly for intense workouts like Pure Barre.

Photos // Kelcy Leigh Photography

Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

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After the “I do’s” have been said and the marriage license is signed, it’s time to party! Finding the perfect wedding entertainment can be difficult. Your music selection undoubtedly sets the mood of the entire reception, so it’s important to get it right! We’ve narrowed down your search to five of our favorite local Oklahoma wedding entertainers who are sure to have your guests dancing the night away. Read on to find out what makes each talented vendor so unique!

OKC Entertainment and Events

Looking for a fun, energetic and professional DJ or band for your upcoming event? OKC Entertainment and Events has you covered! Their team offers years of experience performing for crowds of all sizes and genres ranging from current Top 40, Country (new/old), to classic hits from the 50’s and 60’s. In addition to fulfilling your music needs, OKC Entertainment can also help with your lighting. What better way to get the dance floor filled them with fantastic music and lights to set the mood?!

Photo: Caroline Eliza

Zach Downing Entertainment

Weddings are Zach’s speciality. He has been a wedding entertainer for almost 15 years. Each wedding he is a part of is unique, fun and distinctive, just like his clients and guests. He never takes a cookie cutter approach, and is never cheesy. The music is always original! Think of Zach Downing Entertainment as a 5 star hotel with a great sound system, personality and unique ideas.

Royal Dukes Band

If you have something a little more exciting in mind for your event than a tired, cheesy wedding band, then the Royal Dukes Band is for you! The Royal Dukes not only play a wide variety of styles, tailored to your tastes, but they play them like no other band in town. They will personally ensure that your dance floor is jumping all night! They pride themselves on knowing just what to play, and when to play it. It isn’t enough just to fill your dancefloor – they want you to love the music! Every song from the start of the day until you drive away together as a married couple can be tailored especially for you. Or if you prefer, just leave it all up to them.

Photo: Luxe Photography

Box Talent Agency

Box Talent has been helping couples select the perfect wedding bands, music and entertainment for over two decades. Their wedding entertainment experts know the best, most-trusted bands available and can help you select the ideal entertainment for your wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. Box Talent provides the best wedding bands and entertainment in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and the surrounding region. Likewise, the experienced disc jockeys at Box Talent provide equipment, lights, nonstop music, and can act as emcee to really keep the party moving. With music ranging from Top 40, Country, Jazz, R&B and dinner music, their DJs help create an unforgettable celebration.

Scenic Salt Plains Engagement Shoot Captured by Andi Bravo Photography

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With images that show pure devotion and an unending love, this scenic Oklahoma Salt Plains engagement shoot by Andi Bravo Photography reminds us that true love does exist. Brittany and Roberto’s love for one another is clear as day in this dramatic and captivating landscape. Following their stroll through the salt flats, the couple finished their shoot with a climb up The Glass Mountains. Keep scrolling to see more from this enchanting engagement shoot.

Photos // Andi Bravo Photography

From the bride: “It all began with Roberto’s Bible study and my trip home from the mission field in France during the summer of 2017. Shortly after we met we developed a casual friendship with one another since we consistently met up for Bible studies and communion with friends. Nothing seemed out of the usual, and I considered Roberto to be a wonderful godly man who had a genuine love for God and for his small flock of believers. The weeks flew by and I was making plans to return to France as I had already applied for my visa. I had no intention of remaining in the United States, but God had other plans in mind for me! A few weeks later, we traveled to Arkansas to visit a friend. Between talks about callings, beliefs, hobbies, backgrounds and other miscellaneous facts about our lives, we unconsciously were on the brink of discovering that there was a kindling flame in our souls towards one another. Being intrigued, Roberto persuaded me to accompany him to a mutual friend’s wedding the very next afternoon, not necessarily as a date, but as ‘just a friend.’ The following evening we were caught up in a lengthy conversation, which led to both of us slowly realizing over the next week, that we could not seem to get each other off of our minds. After making every little excuse to see each other, we saw how perfectly formed we were for one another in every minute detail. The last year for us has been a whirlwind of falling profoundly in love with one another. Precisely one year later, on July 7, 2018, Roberto romantically proposed to me at the Tulsa Botanic Gardens. I, of course, emphatically saids, ‘YES!’ How good and how faithful God has been to us both, we have found the one whom our souls love.

Roberto arranged for my girlfriends to convince me to go and explore the Tulsa Botanic Gardens with them on a ‘Girl’s Day Out.’ I was greatly looking forward to this, as it had been some time since I had spent some one-on-one time with them. We meandered through the paths and as we climbed up the steps by the waterfall, we chatted casually about the different kinds of flowers and plants, little did I know who awaited me above. As we approached the landing one of my girls pointed to our left and asked about the name of a flower, I glanced over and gasped, as Roberto was waiting in the middle of the patio, wearing my favorite of his blue blazers, with his black hair slicked back, and holding a bunch of red roses. Softly our special song began to play in the background, ‘Bless the Broken Road.’  I felt like I was floating on air, as I breathlessly stepped towards him. I was thinking the whole time, ‘How did I not realize that today was the day? Is it really happening?!’ All I could think of was wanting to savor that moment forever, and it is now sealed in my memory. The sound of the waterfall with the words of our song harmonizing over it, the delicate scent of those beautiful roses that I now have dried to try to preserve them. The way his voice cracked when he said, ‘Hey Baby, are you having a good day?’ and the way he expressed the most eloquent, heartfelt speech that I’ve ever heard in my life, as he, the love of my life, knelt to one knee pulled out a white leather box and said those words I’d so longed to hear, ‘Will you give me the honor of being my wife?’ The ring was absolutely stunning, but the commitment and the love in every detail and the blessing it would prove to be to be this man’s wife, was more than I could explain in simple words. As I said, ‘Yes!’ he picked me up off the ground in the warmest embrace, while family and friends popped out from behind florals and greens to congratulate us! Never will I forget that day, as you might expect!”

Romantic Forest Styled Shoot at The Baumberhof

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All things romance mixed with candlelight by the forest made for an absolutely elegant styled shoot! With textured floral designs by Tony Foss Flowers in a variety of rosy, feminine hues and a modern geometric cake by Amy Cakes, this shoot features some of our most recent favorite trends. The Bridal Boutique supplied an exquisite off-the-shoulder lace gown for the model bride to wear, while KRK Studios and Rentals contributed thematic furniture. Abbey Road Catering created a delectable food tray for the tabletop, full of vibrant colors and tasty noshes! This romantic forest styled shoot at The Baumberhof is chock-full of swoon-worthy wedding inspo. Keep scrolling to see all the trending details!

Photos // Emily Burney