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Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

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As you begin to think about the attire your bridesmaids will be wearing beside you on your big day, have you considered how what they will be wearing will shape their body positivity? Giving your girls the creative freedom to pick their own gown does so much more than just help you (and them) not break the bank, it also gives them a chance to showcase their own preferred style, let their own personality shine through and embrace their individuality. It’s amazing how something as simple as a gown style, fabric color or dress length makes all the difference in the confidence of your bridesmaids – and the more confident they are, the better off they’ll be in celebrating you! Scroll to read how letting your bridesmaids pick their own gown makes a difference in their body positivity. Cheers!

Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

Photo // Kristen Edwards Photography

Different dresses to match different body types

Everyone has a different body type and shape that is better showcased in one gown style over the other! Acknowledging that each of your bridesmaids has a different body type is a good starting point for helping them determine what type of gown they should wear for your celebration – one bridesmaid might love a strapless gown, while the other may love one with sleeves. A floor-length gown may look great on one of your girls, while another might love a short or high-low style. Asking these questions right from the beginning shows you are genuinely interested in the well-being of your girls and the gown styles that suite their body shape for better or for worse!

Work with skin tones and hair colors

Just like each girl has a different body type, each of your bridesmaids also has different skin tones and hair colors that go better with different colored dresses! Something as simple as taking your color palette into consideration and asking each girl how comfortable they will be with wearing a shade of a certain color makes all the difference. Your fair-skinned bridesmaid might not like to wear tan, white, cream or light blush because it makes them feel washed out or blend too well with their skin. One of your girls with red hair might not want to wear a bright pink dress. It all depends on your girls and their level of comfort with the colors you’re wanting to pursue!

Use a Bridal Consultant

A bridal consultant will be game for playing mix-and-match with you and your #bridetribe to get the most cohesive (and flattering) look across your bridal party. Local bridal salons come equipped with a collection of designer bridesmaid dresses that typically have a natural capsule-style line, as bridesmaids dresses typically debut in color-coordinating collections by season, with multiple neckline, bodice and skirt styles in the same color or fabric type. A consultant will easily be able to reference these looks and give you side-by-side visuals via gowns in store or via swatches, saving you the hours and hours of endlessly scrolling through your favorite online clothing stores and sending Pins back and forth. Shop locally in our favorite bridal salons here!

Happy bridesmaids, happy bride!

A mix of eclectic, yet cohesive, bridesmaids dresses is trending now more than ever – we absolutely love when we see them in weddings! Letting your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses allows a group of women with different bodies, style preferences and budgets to choose a look they truly love – embracing their own individuality in a beautiful way! It’s honestly in your best interest that your bridesmaids look and feel their best – if your bridesmaids can tell that you have their best interest in mind, they are more likely to have your best interest in mind throughout your whole wedding process. It’s all about creating a positive environment not just for you but also your bridesmaids – and it all starts from the second you ask them to stand up there with you! Plus, giving your bridesmaids a little trust that they’ll find the gown that’s right for them while respecting your desired colors takes a little bit of stress off of you – a win-win!

Look good, feel good: confidence is key!

The confidence of your bridesmaids is what makes them, them! Letting your bridesmaids choose their own gown lets them showcase their own preferred style and lets their own personality shine through. While you’ll know the majority of the people you’re standing in front of on your big day, your bridesmaids may not. It takes a lot of confidence to stand by your side in front of a lot of people they don’t know, so the more confident they are, the better they’ll be able to celebrate you! Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself in all aspects is a must – would you have chosen your wedding dress if you weren’t confident in it? But, also, confidence is SO much more than just the gown, hair, makeup and shoes – it’s what truly makes your girls beautiful, so make sure that their confidence shines in the gowns they wear!

You’re ready to find the bridal party attire perfect for each of your individual bridesmaids! Head to our local attire vendors’ page for locations on finding the perfect attire for your big day. Cheers! And read our guide on How to Pick Your Bridesmaids while planning all things bridesmaids! Happy planning!

This Exquisite Styled Shoot Shows off the Most Romantic Bridal Couture

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This romantic wedding inspiration is like a bridal couture fashion show in the most elegant setting possible! Three models showcasing different wedding gowns from Bella Rose Bridal Tulsa pose around the venue property and among exquisitely styled wedding scenes. A high neckline, a deep neckline and a mesh-covered illusion neckline are all on display so you can admire each style side by side. Color block peach and terra cotta invitations by Laurel & Marie are modern and oh-so-inviting, while copper flatware and natural ceramic grace a gauzy, organic tablescape accented with candlesticks, opulent crystal details and bentwood rentals from Party Pro Rents that could be set in any time period. A white wedding cake in unbelievable abstract ruffled design by Sweet Devotion Cakery opens up to reveal embossed floral details in warm, orangey shades that look too intricate to eat. This styled shoot has no shortage of tasteful, floral-filled details. Keep scrolling to take in all the beautiful details and haute bridal couture in this gallery, and in the killer video highlight filmed by Transform Visuals. Cheers!

Photo // Becca Louise Photography

Video // Transform Visuals

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6 Stunning Spaces to Host Your Private Party in Oklahoma

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Getting engaged is a whirlwind of its own, but it also brings along with it a whole slew of pre-wedding activities and events. Almost all of these will need to be hosted somewhere, of course, so we rounded up some of our favorite private party spaces so that you and your crew can celebrate together, whether the vibe you’re searching for is intimate and cozy or a romantic rooftop with a view. You can’t go wrong with these accommodating Oklahoma locales, so check them out below! Cheers!

private party spaces

21c Museum Hotel

From rehearsal dinners to brunches, ceremonies to rocking receptions, treat your guests to an artful experience at Oklahoma City’s new 21c Museum Hotel. Located in downtown Oklahoma City’s historic Fred Jones Building, the update of this iconic industrial space includes a stunning and intimate rooftop space, 134 hotel rooms, over 14,000 square feet of exhibition and event space, a contemporary art museum, and a chef-driven restaurant so you truly have access to it all.


private party spaces

Angry Scotsman Brewing

Host your shower, bachelorette party and more in Angry Scotsman’s huge beer garden (one of Oklahoma City’s biggest) or inside our bright, airy taproom. Enjoy huge flexibility, 24 taps of amazing brews, full wine lists for your non-beer drinking guests, and a rustic-cool atmosphere – and even have your own custom beer brewed for your “I do’s!”


Parlor OKC

With multiple rooms on three different levels, Parlor OKC is your one-stop-shop for an amazing night out. The food hall hosts several different cuisines and dining options which make it the perfect place to bring a large group! There is sure to be an option for even the pickiest eaters.


private party spaces

The Canopy

The Canopy is an intimate urban greenhouse in the heart of downtown Tulsa’s Arts District! Originally built in the 1930s, this space has previously been a machine shop, a bootlegger warehouse during prohibition and a glass blowing studio. Today it serves as a tree-filled oasis that feels hidden as you step in off the busy streets of downtown. The Canopy is the perfect space for occasions big and small!


private party spaces

Walker Terrace

The Walker Terrace is located on the 3rd floor of The Walker Building, located in Midtown OKC. Completed in 2017, the new space can seat up to 80 guests inside, with additional seating and standing room on the spacious rooftop deck so you can celebrate with all your closest friends and family! The venue boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows with the most picturesque views of Midtown.


private party spaces

Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse

For private parties, celebrations and event space in OKC, Mickey Mantle’s is a top choice for fine cuisine and excellent service. With a dedicated staff and a professional banquet coordinator at your side, their team sees to it that your every need is met. Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse offers four private dining rooms with a variety of set menus to choose from. Mickey’s has a commitment to quality food, impeccable service and warm hospitality that will ensure everyone at your event an ultimate dining experience.

Find even more stylish private party spaces here, or connect with other Oklahoma wedding vendors here. Cheers!

Elegant Woodland Wedding Inspiration with the Dreamiest Lake Views

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In a display of modern romance, this elegant woodland wedding inspiration encapsulates all that makes an outdoor affair so attractive! Danielle Villemarette & Co. captures breathtaking views across a sweeping Oklahoma landscape and a scenic barn venue that boasts both indoor and outdoor locales. This shoot features feminine reception seating characterized by a palette of delicate pinks while plentiful baby’s breath creeps up the side of a wooden arbor in a gradient from pink to natural white, making an effortless-looking ceremony setup. Elegant gold elements make tablescapes pop, with organic touches of natural wood and trailing floral design that give off a relaxed, serene vibe so you truly get the best of both worlds. Bride and groom seem to be glowing with love, taking in views and the calming surrounding scenery in their upscale attire. Hayley Hall Hair creates a soft updo with fishtail braid for texture and added a vining hairpiece to coordinate with her gorgeous gown – a romantic V-neck with sheer poet sleeves and petal appliqué detailing from The Bridal Boutique that is simply perfect for the occasion. Read on for a note from the photographer about the inspiration behind this elegant woodland wedding shoot. Cheers!

Photo // Danielle Villemarette & Co.

From the photographer,Danielle Villemarette & Co.: “Brandy of Blue Chalk Events and I collaborated on this romantic, modern styled shoot at The Pointe at Lake Eufala. Nikki (owner of The Pointe) had sent me a photo during the early stages of planning of a painting in the lodge house, and that painting was our color palette inspiration. The views at The Pointe are breathtaking and we wanted to really showcase that while also showing just how versatile in style that barn can be.”

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Documenting Your Big Day Start to Finish – Wedding Keepsake Ideas

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We know the planning process of a wedding is no easy task. There is so much to think about, plan and get ready for that often we forget about the sweet moments that come in-between the day we say “yes” and the day we say “I do.” We want to help you remember those moments so after your wedding you can look back and never forget the highs, the lows, the laughs and the moments in the middle. We have a few wedding keepsake ideas that we think will leave you reminiscing on every day leading up to your wedding and every day after. 

wedding keepsake ideas

Photo // Amanda Watson Photography

Wedding Journal With the Future Mr. & Mrs. 

No matter if you think you’re a good writer or not, journaling your way through the wedding process is a great way to look back on all the things you faced leading up to your big day. Talk to your future spouse about doing this with you! After your big day, spend time going through some of your journal entries together. This will allow you both to laugh at “make or break” moments, reflect on the butterflies you both felt and let each other in on all the things you were feeling. You can make this funny or serious! Tailor this to your personalities! Have fun with it! This will be a wedding keepsake you can look back at forever. 

Keep a Letter Box 

A large part of getting married is constantly getting those sweet encouraging words from your family and friends who are rooting for you. Often, this gets overlooked in the planning process. Too often we toss the handwritten notes aside, and after the big day we forget the words of affirmation and advice we received from those who love us. Make a wedding keepsake for before and after your wedding of the kind words you received. You can look back on them for as long as you want and you can thank those who encouraged you through! 

Make a Wedding Website

Having a central location for your guest to go for updates during the planning process is huge! A website allows a space to communicate with your guest whatever and whenever you want to. In this day in age it has never been easier to create a website. If you’re not too tech savvy, grab your friend who knows the ins and outs of technology and do it together! This is an online wedding keepsake you can continue looking back on and even continue updating your guests after the wedding if you’d like! The sky is the limit with creativity on this one!

Use a Disposable Camera Throughout the Process 

We all know that hiring the crazy cool photographer for your wedding is high up on our list of to-do’s for the day of the wedding, but there are so many fun candid moments to be caught in-between. Carrying around a disposable camera for all of the parts leading up to your big day is an easy, fun and cheap way to capture the imperfect and fun moments that you will reminisce on forever. Print out your disposables and make a book of all your pictures to have as a wedding keepsake!

Frame your Vows 

Vows are the words that reflect on your relationship that you have shared in the past and the words that make promises for the future. These are words you do not want to forget! Frame these words and put them somewhere you both will see them often. This is a wedding keepsake that will remind you of those promises over and over again. This is the keepsake that keeps on giving!


Be creative documenting your wedding process! These are just a few easy wedding keepsake ideas we think would be so fun to look back on. Think outside of the box and reflect on the things that are important to you that you want to reminisce on forever. This is a big day and the big process leading to a new chapter in your life deserves to be remembered! 

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