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#ShopLocal: Why It’s Important to Buy Your Wedding Gown Locally

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You’ve said yes to the ring and to your soulmate – now it’s time to say YES to the dress! In the age of the internet and social media, the wedding gown options are truly endless. When you spend hours scrolling and looking for your dream dress, thinking about purchasing a dress from an online retailer, a chain retailer or from a retailer outside of your home market may seem like a sensible direction to go. But before you type in a URL, head to a chain store or embark on a trip to a destination bridal boutique, we encourage you to consider shopping for your wedding gown from a locally owned boutique. Buying your dress from a local retailer is so important for a plethora of reasons. Scroll below to see why we’re all about the #ShopLocal movement when it comes to choosing the wedding dress of your dreams.

wedding gown in oklahoma - shop local

Photo: Josh McCullock

Why Buy Your Wedding Gown Locally?

1. Take advantage of the boutique’s connections with other local vendors. Trust us: the local wedding community is extremely connected. Your wedding dress retailer may very well have great recommendations for vendors you’re searching for and can help point you in the right direction as you plan your special day.

2. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience. Make an event out of shopping for your dress with your closest friends and family. Locally owned wedding gown stores don’t have to follow any rules set by a corporate overseer, so they can typically offer a more relaxed appointment experience, more flexibility with orders and specifications, potentially faster order windows and often, many more customization options. If your local dress shop doesn’t have what you’re looking for, they can work to source exactly what you need and communicating those needs in person is always easier. Plus, you might even find a local or regional designer you never would have known about otherwise.

3. Easier alterations and help with last-minute issues. This one is extra important. More than any other piece of clothing you’ll ever wear, your wedding dress is meant to fit you like a glove. Nine times out of ten, wedding dresses require at least a few rounds of alterations to get the perfect fit, and that process is much easier if you’re able to easily attend fittings at the shop and meet with your seamstress in-person. In the event you find yourself with a last-minute issue (tears and stains happen), a local wedding dress shop will be able to help out more easily than somewhere requiring you to send your dress off for assistance.

4. Supporting small businesses and your local economy is always a good idea. This one’s a no-brainer! It’s incredibly important to shop small and support the businesses involved in your local economy. These wedding dress boutiques are typically family-owned, often women-owned businesses with a heart for supporting local initiatives and a passion for being a part of this special season of life with you. You’ve got a friend in them!

Lucky for you, we have a directory of incredible bridal boutiques right here in Oklahoma for you to explore. They carry many of the most popular designers, countless styles to fit any bride’s tastes, an array of accessories to complete your look and most importantly, items you won’t find anywhere else but in their stores. Make an appointment today to see the magic they can create!

Elopement 101: What You Should Know About Choosing to Elope

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With the landscape of weddings forever changed because of COVID-19, elopements in lieu of traditional weddings are gaining popularity. Even after this pandemic passes and its effects are mostly behind us, industry predictions point toward elopements remaining a viable, enticing option for couples ready to tie the knot. What is eloping all about, anyway? Why choose to elope rather than host a more traditional wedding? We’re covering all the elopement basics for you, below. Keep scrolling!

elopement 101 how to elope

Photo: Kailey Watson Photo

How is an elopement different than a wedding?

Technically, the term “eloping” means to “run away” and originally was used in the context of running away together for a secret wedding – not telling anyone you’re getting married. As times have changed, eloping has evolved to cover things like getting married just the two of you, having a small, intimate ceremony that may or may not be followed by a larger reception later, getting married without any guests (or very few guests) whether in a destination locale or locally, like at the courthouse – elopements can cover a variety of scenarios! While eloping often saves money in comparison to a traditional wedding because you’re not covering expenses like a large venue, catering, favors, entertainment and other guest-centered costs, couples can still opt for a “luxury elopement” with nice formalwear, a professional photographer and even custom decor. Most often, a couple will choose to elope with the goal of getting married in a specific timeframe, not having to worry about the logistics of inviting guests, saving money or some combination of the three.

Elopements take significantly less time and resources to plan than weddings because again, the guest count factor is all but removed. These ceremonies typically include only the couple, officiant, witnesses if necessary and fewer than ten guests. But whether you’re inviting zero people or a few of your very closest loved ones, couples who choose to elope do still need a marriage license and officiant, and certain venues do still require a waiting period or advanced reservation to host the ceremony, however small. It’s important to note common elopement etiquette includes foregoing a wedding registry since you’re not hosting an all-out affair for guests.

Can we still have a reception after eloping?

Absolutely! Many couples still choose to host a celebration after eloping, whether that’s a small get-together after they’ve returned from a destination elopement, a dinner party the same night as a local elopement or a larger reception with lots of friends and family weeks or even months after a private ceremony. However you choose to celebrate is really up to you – when, where, how many guests – but you definitely don’t have to have any sort of reception, either.

Where should we elope?

The beauty of eloping is that you can do it just about anywhere, with a few considerations, of course. Las Vegas’s no-wait marriage licenses and plethora of “walk-in” venues makes it a popular destination for elopements, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your local courthouse is always an option for a no-fuss affair, but consider places like a romantic resort, a park, the beach, a rooftop venue, a mountainside – if it can accommodate you, your fiancé and your officiant, it’s probably an option! Just be sure to do your research and make necessary reservations. You can also check with your favorite venues, as many have elopement packages!

How do we get our families on board with an elopement?

Although not true for every family, many families, parents especially, may respond with shock or disagreement when you mention the idea of an elopement. It can be tough to please everyone, certainly when your plans don’t line up with family members’ assumptions or expectations (which may affirm your decision to elope and not deal with family drama at your wedding!). It’s important to reassure loved ones that your intention is not to hurt them by excluding guests – it’s simply to keep your focus on your fiancé and your marriage. Unless you are taking part in a true secret elopement for personal reasons, it’s best to give immediate and even extended family a heads up about your plans to elope and inform them of a celebration to follow or let them know a special way they can support you, despite not having a traditional wedding.

If a true elopement is just too extreme, consider hosting an intimate wedding, instead. With a slightly larger guest list but still a low-key approach in terms of vendors involved, costs and fanfare, this can be a great compromise between an elopement and a large wedding, and ensures the focus is kept on you and your love.

An elopement may be the perfect solution for you and your sweetheart, and no matter how you choose to go about it, we’re here to help! Check out our blog for inspiration and don’t forget about our catalog of wonderful local vendors.

Happy eloping!

Make Your Honeymoon The Best It Can Be With These Tips!

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Planning the trip of a lifetime with your sweetheart? We’re so thrilled for you! The honeymoon is such a fun trip to look forward to and a relaxing, rewarding way to cap off this season of your life. No matter where you’re headed for your post-wedding getaway, you’ll need to do some prepping beforehand to ensure your trip goes smoothly. These tips can help you make the most of your trip – read on for more!

Work On Your Fitness

Make Your Honeymoon the Best It Can Be

If you’ll be wearing a swimsuit for days on end (or a wedding dress for one day, for that matter), working on your fitness can be a great way to prepare both physically and mentally! Getting into a fitness routine can help establish healthier habits as you embark on a new life chapter.

Pure Barre Edmond & Pure Barre Tulsa Midtown – The fastest, most effective way to change your body. These low-impact, yet high intensity workouts targeting your seat, thighs, abs and arms are designed to not only deliver results but also foster an uplifting, fun and supportive workout environment.

Club Pilates Nichols Hills & Club Pilates Edmond – A low-impact, yet challenging workout that enhances your mind-body connection, Club Pilates uses the Pilates Reformer machine to focus on lengthening and strengthening your muscles, inclusive to every body. It’s a confidence booster in more ways than one!

FIIT Fitness Studio – Are group workout classes not your thing? No worries. FIIT is Focused Intense Interval Training, available in both group classes and personal one-on-one training sessions, to help you tone up along with personalized nutrition programs.

Book Your Trip

Make Your Honeymoon the Best It Can Be

Planning a wedding is stressful enough on its own. Take something off your plate and leave the honeymoon planning to a professional! Often, their entire services are free of cost because they get paid by the resorts, not by you. So leave the logistics to them and simply enjoy the benefits – what’s not to love!

Under the Sun – A family-owned award-winning travel agency specializing in the romantic side of travel. Their passion lies in adding the magic of romance to destination weddings, anniversary trips and of course, honeymoons! They’ll work with you to make your vision a reality.

Michelle’s Destinations – With decades of experience planning romantic getaways, Michelle specializes in tropical locales as well as Europe! She’s a preferred agency with many notable resorts and knows all the tips and tricks to get you the most bang for your traveling buck.

Up Your Beauty Routine

Make Your Honeymoon the Best It Can Be

Of course you want your skin to be glowing for the big day, but it’s great to feel the most confident in your skin for your honeymoon, too! These local beauty hot spots can help you take care of every last detail.

Carolyn F. Beauty – Let Carolyn give you the facial of a lifetime so you’re as relaxed and glowing as possible! Focused on pure beauty in a tranquil environment, Carolyn offers an array of signature services to pamper and prep.

Muse Beauty Bar – Let Muse take care of your lashes before the big trip – one less thing to worry about! You’ll be able to have gorgeous, full lashes without the daily maintenance. Winning!

Profile Beauty Nook – Before you leave for a sunny getaway, let Profile take care of you with waxing and spray tanning services. From your head to your toes, you’ll be feeling our absolute best!

Pack Your Bags

Make Your Honeymoon the Best It Can Be

Before you know it, it’ll be time to get your passport ready and pack your bags! Before you leave, stop by a few local shops to pick up a few helpful items you won’t regret adding to your collection.

Bebe’s – Not only can Bebe’s in Nichols Hills help you curate an incredible registry to get married life off on the right foot, they’ve got all sorts of items you’ll want to take along on your honeymoon and the luggage to pack it in, including Jon Hart travel accessories and more!

Plenty Mercantile – After all is said and done, your honeymoon is sure to be a trip to remember – and one you certainly don’t want to forget! Head to Plenty to pick up a few keepsakes to commemorate your new life together, like a journal or memory book to record all the best details from your vacation. Bon voyage!

We hope we could help in the honeymoon planning phase by introducing you to some fabulous local businesses with everything you could need to prep! No matter what you need before the big day, our trusted local wedding vendors are ready to help. Happy honeymooning!

Photos courtesy of Pure Barre Edmond, Unsplash, Karl Rouwhorst and Bebe’s

How to Inform Your Guests Your Wedding is Being Postponed

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So, you’ve decided to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19. This is a big step, and we’re here to help! Wondering how to quickly and effectively inform your guests to let them know? Follow along as we share a few simple steps on how to make it happen!

how to inform your guests that your wedding is being postponed

Photo // Amanda Watson Photography

First: Talk to your VIPs

Your very important people are VERY important to first get in contact with! This includes your bridesmaids and groomsmen, close family members, and people that had an influence in financing the wedding. These are going to be the main people to help you pick and choose a wedding date, and help you on the best plan going forward. Once this has been taken care of, you can move on to consulting your vendor team!

Second: Consult your vendor team

Moving your date can cause a lot of chaos, but your vendors are here to help you through it with the least bit of worry possible. First, check with your venue to see if they can accommodate to the new date decided among you and your VIPs! Then, move on to your other vendors to see if this new date works. Keep in mind, not everyone may be able to accommodate to your new wedding date. But, don’t fear, we have some of the best local vendors around here at the Brides of Oklahoma!

Third: Inform your guests

You can’t have a wedding without the guests! First, we suggest sending out an e-card. This is a faster way than snail mail, and your guests will have more time to plan the faster they get a new date! *Tip: invite people who previously declined to come to your wedding on your original date. This new date may be more suitable for them to attend!

Fourth: Check with your stationer

Some stationers are offering assistance with new save the date cards! Check with yours to see if they are doing anything to help couples who had to postpone their wedding.

Fifth: Mail out new invitations (optional)

If you did not send out invitations the first time, now would be a great time to! This gives a second reminder to your guests so they do not forget your new date. Plus, you get to make a pretty new invitation that you will cherish for years to come!

Sixth: Update your wedding website

Our final step: updating your wedding website! The internet is always accessible, and your guests will have an easy way to look at the details of your wedding. Having a website is always a good idea, but if you postpone your date, it will make such a difference to have one! *Tip: most websites offer a texting service that will send updates to your guests!

Now that you’ve let your guests know that your wedding has been postponed, here’s how to continue planning from home.

Royal Oak Salon and Spa: Edmond’s Luxury Wedding Prep Destination

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Get camera ready all while receiving the royal treatment at Royal Oak Salon and Spa — an elegant, quaint, personable salon and spa that offers a relaxing atmosphere for brides and their wedding parties. Let your stress melt away as you enjoy their fabulous services all while sipping complimentary wine or champagne. Their professional stylists will make sure your hair and makeup look flawless. If you choose to have their team come to you, they will send a massage therapist to give you chair massages off site! Schedule a trial run for some pre-wedding pampering and to ensure you get the look you’ve been dreaming of! Scroll below to see photos of this luxurious space!

Photos // Ashley Welle Photography & Aesthetic Arts


“At Royal Oak Salon and spa it’s our passion to make each bride and her wedding party look and feel beautiful for the bride’s special day.”


Royal Oak Salon and Spa: Edmond's Luxury Wedding Prep Destination

Book your services today! Hairstyling, make-up, lashes, waxing and massages!