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This luxe traditional Oklahoma wedding is so classic, it will literally never go out of style! Millicent and Bolaji are such a gorgeous couple, so it makes sense that their wedding day was absolutely dreamy as well! Scroll through their lovely gallery below.

Photos // Aaron Snow Photography

Millicent and Bolaji met as new hires at Integris Southwest Medical Center. Bolaji was an attending physician and Millicent was working as a nurse. A co-worker was convinced that the pair would make a great couple and that led to Bolaji asking Millicent to dinner at her mom’s restaurant. Her mother even announced to all the customers that he would be her future son-in-law. Millicent was mortified, but they became inseparable after that first date.

After four years of dating, Millicent and Bolaji were ready to be committed forever. They scheduled a wedding venue tour at a local country club and then spontaneously went ring shopping that same day. Once the ring arrived, Bolaji set up a scavenger hunt for Millicent to find the ring but she couldn’t. After giving up on her search, she realized that Bolaji had the ring in his hand the whole time and he proposed.

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