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A Little Sugar and Spice

Styled Oklahoma engagement session captured by Ely Fair Photography

It’s no secret that we’re a sucker for cute engagement sessions! We love featuring stylish engagements in the magazine and on the heels of our recent Looks of Love contest last month showcasing tons of Oklahoma engaged couples, we’ve been a bit in la la land swooning over these oh-so-cute sessions. They never get old! And, this one, in particular, is so, super-sweet (no pun intended)!

Justin and Amanda are getting married this spring and had Oklahoma wedding photographers, Ely Fair Photography, snap these sweet photos of them baking together in the kitchen. There’s a bit of a story behind the photos. Evidently, Amanda loves cinnamon rolls and Justin always teases her about how much she loves them — especially the fresh-baked rolls she craves from the airport! When these two lovebirds shared this story with Ely Fair Photography (who also found out that Justin had an amazing vintage, retro oven in his home), the duo opted for a cute and super sweet session in the kitchen and Ely Fair Photography was there to capture it all! The photos are just too cute for words – we couldn’t resist sharing! Happy Monday!