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B.C. Clark Diamond Dash

B.C. Clark Diamond Dash, March 13, Oklahoma City

The B.C. Clark Diamond Dash is THIS weekend, Saturday March 13 beginning at 9am! You won’t want to miss out on the chance to win a $15,000 flawless Lazare diamond ring! Playing is totally FREE, but you must win a spot to participate, so apply today by clicking here. The B.C. Clark Diamond Dash is a modern-day high-tech treasure hunt. The $15,000 Lazare diamond ring has been hidden somewhere in downtown Oklahoma City…and it’s up to you to find and KEEP it! Whether you’re single and dating, newly engaged or happily married this contest is open to everyone! Kickoff and registration begins at the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ Water Stage/Activity Plaza at 9am. All clues and riddles will be delivered to and from your cell phone via text message! Any phone, any model, on any carrier can play! As for transport, you can play by foot, by bike, or even by zeppelin!! Put your riddle-solving skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to find the $15,000 Lazare diamond ring from B.C. Clark Jewelers! Apply today for your chance to win by clicking here! Happy hunting!