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B.C. + Flora: A Timeless Collection Based on a Lifetime of Love

Oklahoma jeweler BC Clark has a legacy built on diamond expertise serving customers in Oklahoma and nationwide for over 130 years. Their newest collection, B.C. + Flora, is inspired by the love story that started it all — the love story of B.C. and Flora Clark! The two shared a special connection that truly is a testament to love and is honored through this timeless collection.

“Over the years, B.C. and Flora created a beautiful life and family. Like many marriages, it was full of trials and tribulations. While their love story concluded after 69 years of marriage, their legacy lives on today. We are proud to continue that timeless legacy through this new collection. At the age of 92, B.C. said ‘The greatest thing in the world is love. My wife is a wonderful person and she has been a source of inspiration to me all these years.’”

Taking this next step with your significant other can lead to so many emotions: it can be exciting and wonderful but also overwhelming when thinking about picking the right ring! Thankfully, BC Clark has a variety of fine jewelry, custom engagement rings, and wedding bands that will ease the ring-buying process and guide you in choosing the perfect ring! And as an added bonus for BC Clark couples, if it rains or snows over an inch on your wedding day in OKC, then your diamond engagement ring may be free thanks to their Pray for Rain Promotion.

Normally it is a couple’s worst nightmare if there is a chance of rain on their wedding day, but think again! If you or your significant other bought a diamond engagement ring from BC Clark and your wedding is in Oklahoma City, you may be in luck for a full refund! 

With Pray for Rain, the original purchaser of a diamond engagement ring from BC Clark Jewelers is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of that ring, up to a maximum of $5,000, if it rains (or snows) on the wedding day. And with Oklahoma weather, you may be in luck!

In addition to the Pray for Rain Promotion, you are automatically added to the Pray for Rain for Life Program which includes benefits like free engagement ring sizing, free replacement of side diamonds (up to .05 carat), upgrade your center diamond and receive at least the value you paid in the trade and free cleaning and inspection for life!

Check out BC Clark’s newest private label engagement ring and wedding band today online or at one of their many storefront locations. And don’t forget to Pray For Rain! 

Leave your legacy and start the next chapter of your love story with BC Clark!

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