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What to Know Before Booking a Wedding Photographer

In the process of booking a wedding photographer? Our social media strategist, Katie, is talking all things wedding photography to help you plan a picture-perfect day!


What should I consider when looking for my wedding photographer?

Starting the search for your perfect wedding photographer can be daunting, but we are here to help! The first things you should think about when booking your photographer are the style of the photographer and their personality! There are so many styles of photography from dark and moody to light and airy, just make sure to check out all of your options to find the perfect fit for you!


What factors impact the photography price?

When looking at photography costs, make sure to communicate with your photographer how much coverage you are wanting throughout the day! Also make sure to ask about any other details such as having a second-shooter or options containing both film and DSLR images!


What should I communicate to my photographer about the wedding day?

On your wedding day, it’s a good idea to give your photographer a list of the moments and details you would like them to cover! This is your big day and your photographer is there to capture and provide you with memories that will last a lifetime!

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