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Bridal Boudoir

Tara Lokey Photography, Boudoir Photo Session, Wedding Gift for the Groom 

Boudoir photography is definitely gaining popularity among to-be brides and even newly wed brides, but what’s it really all about? We’ve gathered some tips and info on this popular photography trend to help you decide if its something you’d like to do before (or after) your big day! Be sure to dress up in whatever you feel most comfortable in! Wear a jersey of your fiance’s favorite sports team, or opt for tasteful lingerie. Use playful props like fun jewelry, feathers or even cotton candy, as shown above, or include items that have meaning to you and your fiance to make it more personal. Gain inspiration from a theme or color palette, like retro pinup pictures or these soft pink Marie Antoinette-inspired portraits captured by Tara Lokey Photography above. Most girls take pictures they wouldn’t mind showing their friends, and in fact it’s a good idea to bring a friend along to your session. You’ll feel more at ease if you can make some jokes with a friend, and she’ll be able to help with wardrobe or styling on the shoot. Another consideration when scheduling the shoot is location. People often use their own bedroom, rent a posh hotel room or shoot in their photographer’s studio.If you book a luxurious hotel room for the shoot, ask the front desk to assign you to a room facing the sunrise if you are doing an AM shoot, or the sunset if you are doing a sunset shoot! This will give your photographer the best possible light to work with. Taking boudoir pictures is a great way to capture your self confidence and they make a beautiful gift for your husband or fiance! Have fun!