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Bridesmaid Basics

Bridesmaid inspiration, Brides of OklahomaWhether you’re a maid or bride-to-be, you might be wondering – what exactly is expected of a bridesmaid? While it varies from wedding to wedding, bridesmaids are a bride’s support system. From planning and paying for the bridal shower and bachelorette party to keeping track of gifts – and basically just keeping the bride sane – all are a part of the job. We think it’s also a nice touch to get people dancing at the reception. Notice anyone that looks a little shy but is discreetly jammin’ to the song? Drag them on the dance floor and get your groove on! Sometimes, maids will pool their money together and purchase one, over-the-top, fab wedding present for the newlyweds. What couple wouldn’t love that? We want to hear from you, what tasks will you have your ladies in charge of?

Check out all of the cute, glam and super sassy maids with their brides above! Photos from left to right -Top: Kalee Ridings Photography and Candi Coffman Photography. Middle: Shannon Ho Photography and Laske Images. Bottom: Jessica Claire Photography and Zach Seat Photography.