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Caitlyn + Austin

photo | Abby Roses Photography


Austin and Caitlyn began as high school sweethearts who then ended up at the same university, so they truly have grown up and evolved into who they are together. Almost five years to the day of their 5th anniversary, they took a trip to Caitlyn’s family’s second home in Hot Springs, AR for a family reunion. Austin had toted along a ring custom-made from Caitlyn’s grandmother’s engagement ring that she had given him to use for Caitlyn’s. He planned a relaxing morning by the lake, followed by a coffee shop trip and a stop at their favorite book store (they are bookworms!) and finally to their favorite spot in the city—Garvan Woodland Gardens. They walked through the gardens until they came to a waterfall surrounded by the most gorgeous scenery. Austin asked a couple behind them if they would take a picture of them in front of the waterfall—of course during the picture he got down on one knee and proposed! Caitlyn said, “yes,” and they spent the next hour walking through the private maze of trees, flowers and waterfalls, talking about their future before they started to call and tell everyone. They finished the day celebrating with her family and calling home to his! It was the most surreal, magical and happy day of both of their lives!

Quick side note: Caitlyn’s sweet grandma passed away just a couple months after giving Austin her ring. She now gets to carry a very special part of her grandma around with her everyday, making her engagement ring priceless!