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Center of Attention: Hydrangea Floral

Oklahoma wedding flowers display by Hydrangea Floral

Have we mentioned how much we love wedding florals?! We can’t get enough of show-stopping arrangements and vibrant blooms. That’s why we were thrilled to share the work of some of Oklahoma’s top wedding florists in the latest issue of Brides of Oklahoma! Today we’re excited to show off more from Hydrangea Floral who created this enchanted entry table at The Skirvin Hilton! Inspired by the bride who’s kept every piece of paper that meant anything to her and saved it especially for her wedding day, nearly every square inch of this gorgeous design is carefully constructed with paper — love letters, cards and bows! And yes, that’s a beautiful brooch bouquet made from cherished family jewels. Thanks to Hydrangea Floral for telling an unforgettable story with this enchanting table of sentimental beauty and thanks to Oklahoma wedding photographer Kevin Paul Photography for capturing every beautiful detail! Stay tuned as we continue to share more details from our Center of Attention editorial!