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Before I Do

Christina + Nick

photo | Tammy Odell Photography


Nick arrived Saturday morning, returning from a business trip from the week prior. It was what I thought was a totally normal Saturday afternoon. I picked him up from the airport, we went to brunch, came home watched some TV and took an afternoon nap. Later that afternoon after being fairly lazy Nick suggested going for a walk to get some exercise, I agreed and put on my tennis shoes. I remember asking him before we walked out the door, “should I put on some mascara”? He said, no so I thought eh, who cares. Little did I know….

He wanted to check out a nature park that we had never been to, called the Houston Arboretum. As we start down the trail Nick is speed walking, while I am strolling along trying to enjoy the beauty of the park. He kept telling me “come on, there’s something I want to show you”! All the while I was very confused because I had assumed that he’d never been to this park before. We come upon a pond and there was a table with chairs, flowers, and champagne set up on the dock overlooking the water. As we move closer to the table a courted asks us to sit down so they can sing to us. I unassumingly thought this whole set up was for someone else and they just wanted to practice for us. Within seconds of the group singing, I realized that was not the case. They were singing “lucky” by Jason Mraz, a song that Nick and I love (sooo cheesy I know). I look over to my left and see Nick on one knee. At this point, I am in tears and he is proposing. I pretty much blackout at this moment I was extremely overwhelmed with excitement and emotion. The moment after he proposed he got up off one knee and went back into the woods, and emerged with my whole family! My Mom, Dad, step Mom, brother and his girlfriend (who is now a bridesmaid), all flew down from Oklahoma for this very special moment!