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Courtney + Sam

Photos: Blayke Z Photography


Courtney + Sam

Sunset Boat Proposal

We always have Sunday dinner with some close family friends where we grill steak and chicken and eat together outside. But this particular weekend, we weren’t going to be having dinner because the main man in charge (our officiant) was going to be out of town with his youngest daughter for a volleyball tournament. Sam told me instead that we were going out to get steak at a restaurant! 

We were pulling up to Red Rock when he made a sharp turn into the marina. Sam’s job requires him to work on boats, and one of his coworkers who sails, Justin, agreed to take us on his sailboat—The cuter part of this part of the story is that Sam had actually asked him to do this before, because he really wanted to impress me on our first date. Justin told Sam that it would be a hard date to follow, and to save it for a special occasion. 

Fast forward, and Sam came back to ask him again so he could propose to me, and Justin said, “now THAT is a special occasion.” Sam had also brought brie, crackers and wine that Justin served to us and played our favorite songs while we rode on the boat. Then finally, we turned close to the Red Rock patio and I was surprised to see my family, our closest friends AND our officiant and his daughter. There, Sam asked me to marry him right as the sun was setting over the lake. Oh yeah…and I was not wearing the appropriate shoes for a boat since I had no clue, so when he popped the question I bent down to kiss him and literally slipped and fell on my butt! It’s on video and everything, but we like to say he just swept me off my feet! Then we ate dinner at Red Rock and celebrated with our families. It was simply the most magical evening ever!