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Culinary Creatives: Oklahoma Wedding Caterer Harris Custom Catering

Today’s inspiration comes in the form of incredible southern comfort food from Harris Custom Catering, captured by Picturesque Photos by Amanda! We sat down with Chef Janice Harris to learn more about how her team creates delectable menus for couples and their guests to help make a reception even more memorable. Featured in the latest issue of Brides of Oklahoma as part of the Oklahoma wedding catering spotlight, Chef Harris and the Harris Custom Catering team brings amazing dishes to life and add that special something to your celebration! Scroll below to read more from Chef Harris, and be sure to bring your appetite – her dishes look so delicious!

The Style

Our biggest cuisine inspiration is comfort food from the South; however, most menus end up being a fusion of cuisines and we are excited for new ideas and challenges!

The Dish

Street Tacos 3 Ways: Pulled pork tacos (standard size and petite) with crema, cojita cheese, in-house guacamole and fresh pico de gallo, and sweet and spicy shrimp tacos with cilantro lime slaw

Tasty Tips

What is your signature dish? We really don’t have a signature dish. Every menu is customized to suit the bride and groom. We love to collaborate with them or use their favorite dishes as inspiration for their menu. We do, however, love garlic and fresh herbs!

What advice do you have for brides who are trying decide between a sit-down vs. buffet style meal? Our advice to brides is to evaluate the ambiance they are trying to create and how formal they want the meal to feel for their guests. The other thing to consider is that it does generally take more time for a plated meal.

Do you offer menu tastings? We absolutely offer tastings, after a collaborated menu is decided on.

Do you have a set menu or do you offer custom menus? We do not have a set menu, although we have our staple dishes. Every menu is unique to the bride and groom’s reception. We consider their desires for the meal and the budgeted amount and use those as guidelines to create something custom for their guests.

What advice do you have to offer brides and grooms? Don’t be afraid to do something out of the box that represents you as a couple! Those little things are what will set your reception apart and make it memorable.

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