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What to Pack in your Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Your wedding day is finally here, and we know as a bride, there are a million emotions running through your head. The last thing you need is a wedding malfunction. We like to think of emergency wedding day kit as insurance. It’s got you covered. We have collected a variety of 10 essential items for your emergency bridal kit to help your special day go off without a hitch. The great thing about these items is they are not only perfect for the bride, but they can also be used among the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and of course, the groom! All of these products can be purchased through our customized Amazon shop under the Day of Wedding Essentials! Grab a cute bag and get ready to take notes! Brides, we’ve got you covered!

1. OPI Nail Polish | 2. Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen | 3. Clear Umbrella | 4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker | 5. Handheld Steamer | 6. Bride Tote | 7. Bride Robe | 8. Makeup Blotting Papers | 9. Survival Sewing Kit | 10. Double Sided Body Tape | 11. High Heel Cushion Inserts | 12. Simply Mints | 13. 10ft iPhone Charging Cord

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The first bridal essential is of course a robe so you will not only feel comfortable but also cute. Selecting the perfect robe is a fun activity for the bride to coordinate with her bridesmaids. Plus we know your getting-ready-photos will be something to cherish in remember. This white, silk robe from Victoria’s Secret is adorable for any bride. With its tie closure, embellished design, and smooth fabric, it would make any bride feel like a princess. Also, a robe is essential to wear when getting ready to avoid messing up freshly done hair and makeup.

Fashion Tape

If you have never used fashion tape before, we urge you to run not walk to get your hands on this miracle product. If your dress is low cut or wearing a bra isn’t an option, this tape is the answer to keeping everything in place. Hollywood Fashion Tape is the best tape on the market due to its double-sided capability, it can be reused for multiple occasions, its flexible material can be shaped to fit any dress style, and most importantly, it won’t ruin your dress by leaving a sticky residue behind. To use, you simply peel the backing and stick onto the desired area. We love how this product is hypoallergenic too, and you truly can’t beat the price!

Heel Inserts

Every girl knows how painful wearing heels is and there is a strong possibility your heels with lead to a blister outbreak. Don’t worry because we have the perfect solution! These heel cushion inserts are a girl’s dream come true. You simply slip them into the back of your heels to prevent rubbing which leads to blisters. We love these ones because their high-quality adhesive sticks them into place with no budging allowed. Also, they are washable to allow for future use. Want to hear the most exciting feature? These inserts can also be used for stilettos that may be a little big and in need of a snugger fit.

Sewing Kit

We can’t stress enough how important a portable sewing kit is to pack in your wedding survival kit! There is always a chance for a button to fall off, a veil to snag or a hem that needs shortening. Whatever the crisis may be, having this will keep all your bases covered. We recommend this miniature sewing kit to meet all your seamstress needs. This one comes with mini scissors, fabric glue, tape measure, marking pencils, needles, tacks and of course, thread. A good rule of thumb is to bring spools of thread that match your dress, bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits. Choosing a similar color allows quick fixes that aren’t noticeable and are great in a pinch!

Stain Remover

Nobody is perfect, and spills are bound to happen. Stains can ruin the day if you aren’t prepared and equipped with the right tools. This Tide-To-Go Stain Remover pen is a bride’s secret weapon. Simply blot the stain with a damp towel and then carefully take the pen over the stain. Don’t forget to wipe the excess off because too much product can lead to a nasty ring on the fabric. The great thing about this product is it’s super portable and can easily be carried to the reception as well in a clutch or jacket pocket!


This may seem like it’s self-explanatory, but we don’t want any bride to forget mints on her big day! These breath warriors by Simply Mints are perfect to throw into your bag and pop in your mouth as needed. Also, these mints are made with natural ingredients like peppermint oil and sugar cane to keep your mouth healthy and refreshed. We want to be your first kiss as a married couple to be remembered and not feared because of the potential of bad breath!

Mini Steamer

We know the worst wedding disaster would be putting on your dress to discover a wrinkled mess or your bridesmaids’s dresses looking like bunched up tissue paper! Don’t fret because this portable steamer is your saving grace! With its three-in-one capability, this steamer can flat steam, vertical steam and iron from the push of a button. It comes with a portable measuring cup to use for quick refills, and its sleek anti-drip design removes all worries of water marks being left behind. Finally, our favorite feature is the low mode, where you can safely steam delicate fabrics and perform quick touch-ups! It can’t get much better than this!

Extra Long Charger Cord

Your wedding day can be hectic and being a bride can be a hectic job. On the big day, you are going to be using your phone for so many things from taking pictures to coordinating with caterers, writing your vows, to calling loved ones. All in all, there is a good chance your phone is going to need a charge up. This LED Charging Cable is designed for a bride. Its ten-foot-long cord is perfect for a bride to use while getting ready. Also, this charger rapidly juices up your phone so you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone plugged in all day! Get charging!

Portable Speaker

Music is the perfect way to get the bridal party excited for the big day. Dance parties are essential and the best part. If you are wanting to incorporate some fun music while everyone is getting ready, this portable speaker is the way to go. Its miniature size is great for travel and its waterproof so nobody has to worry about spills! It can also be used in the shower too! To use, simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth and music will be played through the two speakers on the front and back of the device! This speaker is easy to use and oh-so-fun!


Although a bride wishes she could control the weather, she can’t. That is why bringing an umbrella on your big day is essential! This umbrella has a sleek clear design with a plastic canopy to ensure no makeup or hair gets ruined in an unexpected rainstorm. Umbrellas are great for sunny days too and using as a prop for pictures. This shield is truly a two-in-one product! The rain may try to push you away, but with this umbrella, no rain can stop your wedding day!

Nail Polish

Chipped nails are never a cute look and definitely something you won’t want to have to look at in your wedding photos! Slip a bottle of nail polish that matches your fingernails and toes for quick touch-ups on the go! Our favorite is this OPI Nail Polish in Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. The color not only has a cute name, but it’s a pretty pink too!

Blotting Papers

After dancing the night away you may need a quick touch up! These makeup blotting papers are perfect for eliminating oiliness. The silk textured sheets are made from natural hemp so they absorb oil well and don’t irritate the skin. A win in our books! These sheets come in a pack of four so they are great to hand out to your bridal party and guests too!

Bride Tote

Trust us, we wouldn’t forget to share a great idea on where to store all your secret weapons. This bridal tote is great for storing everything you need. It is large enough in size to hold a whole bunch and the brown leather straps give it a cute touch! Also, the gold sparkly bride embossed on the bag is so adorable, too, and no one will be mistaking the tote as their own! It’s a must for a bride!

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