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What to Expect when Wedding Planning with Erin Miller

Local influencer Erin Miller (@_emiller) and her fiancé Hunter Thiessen are here to talk about the wedding planning process and their experiences as they work to plan their very own wedding! Erin studied graphic design at the University of Oklahoma and loves to be creative, so the aspect of wedding planning she was most looking forward to is designing what the space is going to look like! Wedding planning can be a whirlwind, but Erin and Hunter have learned how fast the time truly goes, and have learned more about cost and what really matters to them on their big day! The biggest piece of advice the couple would give to others planning their wedding is to enjoy the process! Finding humor and joy in the little moments and enjoying planning the special day with your significant other is the most important part, everything else will fall into place! Cheers to Erin and Hunter!

“I love expressing myself and now our relationship through an event or an experience that we get to share with people we really love!” – Erin

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