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Why Food Trucks Might Be the Next Trend in Wedding Catering

If you’re planning a wedding and find that sorting out your catering vendor is a little trickier than you had originally thought, you’re not alone. Venues can have restrictions on who you can permit the use of the kitchen (if your venue has a kitchen) or maybe you’re wondering how to fit food for so many people into a budget with not-so-much breathing room. No matter what your wedding worry is, food trucks might be the solution you didn’t know you needed! Read on to hear three reasons why we think food trucks could be the next big trend in wedding catering and check out The Abbey Road Express if you’re looking for an Oklahoma-based food truck for your own wedding!

Food Trucks Trend Wedding Catering Abbey Road Express

Food Trucks Can Be More Flexible

Don’t stress about the catering situation if there’s no prep kitchen in your venue, and have no fear if you know your crowd would hate the stiff tradition of a sit-down wedding dinner. Getting a food truck to cater your big day means that you can have the food truck set itself up wherever you fancy, whether it’s directly outside the venue or in the yard at the back of the venue. You can also have your pick of pretty much any kind of food truck fare you like because the options are endless. Have a Greek, Asian-fusion or Mexican food truck cater your wedding! Many trucks even offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. One big trend we’re seeing is having a food truck arrive at the venue later on in the evening to feed guests as they start to get hungry again after dancing. Many newlyweds like to keep it a surprise from guests because everyone loves to bite into some hot, delicious food after too many drinks and a long night of partying!

They’re Budget Friendly

Rather than paying a catering company for a fancy and expensive 5-course sit down meal, you can create a more relaxed, casual and fun wedding atmosphere by hiring a food truck instead! Break the mold of having a formal wedding dinner and save a lot of your wedding budget without sacrificing any fun or tasty food. Food truck entrees tend to run in the neighborhood of $10 a plate, give or take a little depending on what kind of food you’re serving, while a more traditional meal with multiple courses can easily exceed $100 a plate.

Did We Mention Hassle-Free?

Organizing for a food truck to be at your wedding is ridiculously easy. Most food trucks have websites that offer their full menu, prices and a fee list so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for upfront – like The Abbey Road Express’s website that even details what sides come with each meal. Many food trucks will also allow you to personalize your menu and create your own unique wedding catering package so that your wedding can run exactly how you want it to, giving you the same or possibly more creative freedom than a professional, on-site or restaurant caterer might allow you to have. Also, catering your big day from a food truck means that there won’t be nearly as much cleanup needed than if you were having a traditional sit-down meal. After your guests have eaten, they can simply throw away their plates and utensils, leaving you with a hassle-free cleanup.

Now that we’ve convinced you food trucks are up next in wedding trends, check out The Abbey Road Express – a full-service food truck bringing restaurant-quality catering to your event. Their team is devoted to bringing the best service to any location and they are ready to help bring your event to the next level with amazingly crafted food from the heart! Connect with them directly via their vendor profile here. Cheers!

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