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If you’re looking for the perfect keepsake and a great way to commemorate your big day, announce your wedding in Brides of Oklahoma magazine! All announcements are full-color and include several pictures along with a write-up! Brides can choose from a single, double or triple page wedding announcement. You can compare sizes and pricing here. The deadline to submit your completed wedding announcement packet for the upcoming January issue is coming up on October 1st, but as a special treat, we are giving away a FREE HARDBOUND MAGAZINE to any bride purchasing an announcement that completes her packet by Tuesday, September 15th. Be sure to reserve your spot online right away here, and begin your submission with the information portion of the packet online — http://www.thebridesofoklahoma.com/wedding-details! If you have any questions, email Jennifer at jennifer@thebridesofoklahoma.com or call 405.607.2902. Happy Tuesday!