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Haley + Andre

photo | Sarah Libby Photography


Haley and Andre met at H&8th in downtown Oklahoma City. She was with some friends, and they ran into Andre. One of her friends looked at her and said, “THIS is the guy you should date.” After that night, Andre and Haley continued to run into each other at the gym, at the pool, and then he showed up in one of her summer classes (that was a little less of a coincidence). They went on their first date the following weekend. From there, the relationship took off, and the following 14 months were dreamy. They have gone on adventures, met each other’s friends and family, traveled together, spent multiple weekends at the lake, and so much more. They both knew that something was very different about this relationship, and then on September 30, 2016, Andre took Haley to Lake Hefner to watch the sunset—the location of their first date, first kiss, and where Andre first told her he loved her. They pulled out to a favorite spot, and Haley saw a path of candles and flowers leading to a table with a perfect view of the lake and the gorgeous sunset in the background. Andre told her how special the last year had been to him, all the reasons he adored her, and what he was looking forward to as they began their future together. Then, he got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She immediately said, “YES!”

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