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Hannah and Morgan: Looks of Love Winner

Happy Valentine’s Day! We literally love the month of February – and love even more our annual Looks of Love contest! Thanks so much to all of the amazing fans who helped us pick our 2013 Looks of Love Winner!!! We received a flood of entries and it was so much fun to read all of the amazing love stories. It was a true task to narrow our favorites to 10 and loved engaging our fans to pick the winner! Hannah and Morgan are such an adorable couple and their engagement pictures captured by Chris Humphrey Photographer are amazing! This couples’s propsal story is so endearing! Hannah, a first grade teacher in Broken Arrow, received an unusual call to the principal’s office to discuss an important issue with a parent. As she went to the office in fear of being in trouble, Morgan, Hannah’s best friend Rachel and her fellow teachers, rushed to set up a surprise proposal. Hannah began walking back to her building when she noticed her students standing in the hallway. Confused, she opened the door to find her students holding pumpkins that spelled out “Marry Me.” Hannah looked next to the children to find her future spouse holding roses. Suddenly, Morgan dropped to one knee asking Hannah to spend the rest of her life with him. Hannah excitedly said, “YES!” and the couple’s fairytale continues! We’re so excited for Hannah and Morgan and can’t wait to send them on a romantic dinner date on us! Thanks to all of the amazing couples who entered the contest and shared their love stories with us! Cheers!