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Hannah + Tyler

Photos // Michelle Preau

Hannah + Tyler

She Gave Him a Kidney!

On November 9, 2019, I proposed to Hannah at the Magnolia Silos (the garden specifically). She was in town, visiting from Stillwater with friends for a graduation ceremony. Her friends told her that they would be at Magnolia while we were at the graduation. Hannah thought nothing of it and was happy to meet up with them after, although she did ask if she could change out of her dress and heels – I told her we didn’t have time. As we walked in, she really had no idea what was about to happen. We headed to the garden where I tried to spot the photographer to ensure I was good to go. I finally found her, grabbed Hannah’s hand and walked her to the “she shed.” When I turned around and faced her, it finally clicked in her head what was happening and she began to tear up. Neither of us remember exactly what I said, but I got down on one knee, put a ring on her finger and she said yes! We celebrated with family and Hannah was quick to begin wedding planning after.

The crazy thing about our proposal date, though, is that exactly one year later, Hannah was in the hospital going through multiple tests in order to complete the third round of becoming my kidney donor. In August, I found out that I needed a transplant due to an incurable kidney disease– my kidneys were functioning at 19 percent. Thankfully, I had four initial living donor matches (Hannah was one of them), and we were going to pursue a path with my childhood friend, Mark. Unfortunately, after further testing, we found out Mark wouldn’t be able to donate due to ulcers on his kidneys. At this point, my kidneys were functioning at five percent. Without hesitation, Hannah was willing to go through some pretty heavy tests, diet and lifestyle changes and was ready to give me her kidney, no questions asked. We had a successful surgery on December 3rd, and while I had a pretty smooth recovery, Hannah’s process definitely took a toll on her, and she still has some healing to do even months later. She’s the strongest person I know and I know that she would do it again in a heartbeat if someone she loved was in need, and if the doctors would allow her to give her last kidney – haha. She is truly my lifesaver and words will never be able to describe how thankful I am that she walked into my life five years ago. I cannot wait for her to be my wife so I can spend a lifetime paying her back for the most selfless gift I could have asked for. Hannah deserves the world and more!