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Looks of Love

Hayley + Tanner

Photos: KGC Photography

Hayley + Tanner

From Schoolmates to Soulmates

Tanner and Hayley both attended Heritage Hall for lower school, middle school, and high school. Tanner’s mother was Hayley’s second-grade teacher and became one of her favorites. They were always aware of each other and moved in similar circles, with Hayley viewing Tanner as the cute older boy. Their paths diverged for higher education, with Tanner going to Oklahoma State University and Hayley to the University of Oklahoma, causing them to lose touch until they found themselves back in the same city. Over the years, Hayley occasionally encountered Tanner’s mom around OKC, who would invariably inquire about Hayley’s dating life. Hayley’s consistent response, “No, I am not dating anyone,” would prompt Tanner’s mom to suggest that Tanner and Hayley would get along well, to which Hayley replied, “Well, Gina, he is very cute, so all he has to do is ask me on a date, and I will go.” Fate played its hand in 2020 when Tanner, staying at his mom’s house before buying his own, and Hayley, living at her parents’ house in the same neighborhood while finishing nursing school, ran into each other. Tanner was assisting his mom with errands, prompting Hayley to stop and chat. Their conversation lasted nearly an hour, leading to Tanner asking Hayley out. Their first date was on August 7th, 2020, marking the beginning of their shared history.



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