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Seasonal Honeymoon Hotspots with Michelle’s Destinations

When the wedding bells ring, the fun is really just beginning! If you’re treating yourselves to an amazing honeymoon, you want to make sure your destination makes the most sense for not only your vacationing style (Do you want to see all the sights? Do you prefer to relax?) and for the season and weather at hand.

Get the scoop from travel expert Michelle Carbone of Michelle’s Destinations on the ideal locales to visit during each season. Whether you’re budget conscious or looking for ideal temps, Michelle knows the best time and place to plan your newlywed getaway! Read on to learn more about the best honeymoon hotspots to visit during each season of the year!


BEST WEATHER | Wing your way to the scenic Caribbean islands and escape the frigid cold at home for your romantic honeymoon on the beach. Aruba, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, Dominican Republic and many other islands make a fantastic getaway. Across the world, it’s summer down under, so if you’ve ever wanted to visit Australia or New Zealand, this is the perfect time.

GREAT VALUE | Europe is in low season during the winter months, and if you don’t mind the cold and rain, you can escape the crowds and get great bang for the buck. Some fun events happen in the winter, like the famous Christmas Markets! River cruises also hit rock bottom prices this time of year.


BEST WEATHER | We still see great weather in the Caribbean, and hurricane season doesn’t start until June so you won’t have to stress. We also see gorgeous blue skies and sunshine in Mexico, Costa Rica and Hawaii!

GREAT VALUE | Tahiti has great rates through the end of March. Europe still offers great bang for the buck, with better weather the later in spring you travel. If you’ve wanted to take a cruise, you’ll find amazing deals with off season sailings in April or early May in Mexico and the Caribbean.


BEST WEATHER | Europe, Alaska and Canada all have great weather for a memorable trip in the summer months! Escape from the sweltering Oklahoma heat and wing your way to Alaska or Canada. Find warmer temps ideal for siteseeing in Europe, or take a cruise through the Mediterranean.

GREAT VALUE | It’s hurricane season, which means deals galore in the Caribbean and Mexico as long as you plan a little bit ahead! The demand does go up when school is out. June tends to be higher than July. After school starts up in August, you’ll find great rates all over the Caribbean and in Mexico.


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BEST WEATHER | While it can rain, many of our clients love Hawaii in the fall when the temps cool down a little, especially at night. Europe has great weather early in the fall, and of late, even into October we’ll see some fabulous temps! Later fall offers ideal temps for Australia and New Zealand’s spring time.

GREAT VALUE | Cruises, Europe, Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico all see great rates during the fall season due to school being back in sesion and it’s hurricane season for the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Mexico if you’re willing to take a risk.

Ready to pack your suitcase and head to one of these honeymoon hotspots? Get in touch with Michelle here to inquire about her travel planning services.

Photos: Courtesy of Michelle’s Destinations and Unsplash

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