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How to Tie A Bow Tie

howtotieabowtie_blog_booThere’s nothing more dapper than a gent in a nice bow tie, but actually tying it may seem a little daunting. We’ve broken it down for you step by step (including illustrations!) to ensure that your groom and wedding party are perfectly dressed to the nines.

1. Start with the left end hanging 1.5 inches below the right side.

2. Cross the left end over the right to begin your bow.

3. Tuck the left end under the right to form a knot.

4. Form the front loop of the bow by doubling up the hanging end and place it across your collar.

5. Hold the front loop with the thumb and forefinger of you left hand. Pull the long side over the center of the bow that you have formed.

6. Place your right forefinger on the bottom half of the hanging piece. Pass up behind the front loop of the bow.

7. Push the resulting loop through the knot behind the first loop. Adjust the ends evenly and tighten.

That’s it! Now go rock that bow tie like Justin Timberlake. Cheers!