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The [Artspace] at Untitled is available for Oklahoma receptions and rehearsal dinners in Oklahoma City



For a modern and contemporary feel at your reception, check out the [Artspace] at Untitled. This unique space is designed to stimulate creative thought and new ideas through stunning pieces of art. Located in Deep Deuce in downtown Oklahoma City, we just love the way this space gives an avant-garde feel to this part of the city. The [Artspace] at Untitled has two areas available for receptions. The 2000 square foot upstairs is a fully furnished, intimate loft space, and the 8000 square foot space in the downstairs galleries can seat 150 for dinner or hold 400 for a cocktail reception. Whether you love art or just love the contemporary vibe, be sure to take a look at the [Artspace] at Untitled. We know you’ll be inspired!