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Jordan + Dakota

Photos: Bree Smith Photography


Jordan + Dakota

Lovesick Proposal

The day before he proposed, he got food poisoning and acted like he was on his deathbed. We had a good family friend getting married on the 22nd and I didn’t think we were going to be able to make it with how sick he was. He told me to get dressed and that he was going to tough it out. He wanted to stop by Lake Hefner for some pre-wedding drinks beforehand. I was shocked that he wanted anything except water in his system but agreed anyways. It was the one day that of course, I took forever to get ready. He was rushing me out of the house and we were SPEEDING to lake Hefner for our “drinks”. As we pulled up, it was the perfect sunset and we walked out to the lighthouse. He had a photographer set up out there already and lo and behold…I turned around and he was on his knee. As soon as I said yes, I heard all of our friends and family at Louie’s screaming “YAY” and the waterworks started all over again. It was the best yes of my life, and now we are officially married with two German shepherds and in absolute bliss. I felt my dad there with us through it all, from the proposal to the big day. He would have been ecstatic to have Dakota as a son-in-law.




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