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The Best Local Jewelers for Your Holiday Engagement

Are you planning on popping the question this holiday season? The Brides of Oklahoma is here to give you the ring low-down on all things engagement rings from local Oklahoma jewelers. We’ve even included some special deals to help you with the rock that we both know you’ve been saving up for! These four local jewelers will give you a personalized experience while also helping you pick out the ring that’s perfect for the “YES” of a lifetime. Without further ado, here we go! Cheers to you and your holiday engagement!

The Best Local Jewelers for Your Holiday Engagement

BC Clark Jewelers

Like they say –  PRAY FOR RAIN! BC Clark Jewelers will give you your ring FOR FREE if it rains on your wedding day, or up to a maximum of $5,000 of the purchased ring’s price. Nothing is raining on your parade! You probably know the jeweler by the Christmas jingle, so don’t forget to catch their SALE! BC Clark not only has incredible promotions, but they’ve also been around for 120 years faithfully serving and providing quality merchandise at a competitive price locally. By getting your rings at BC Clark you’re getting the best at the best price!

Photo // Kristina Gaines Photography

Jewels By Simpson

Not many people will go near and far to find the best diamonds around… except for Jewels by Simpson! They have traveled the world looking for quality design and goods that are of the highest standards for their customers. Not only that, but they continually offer their customers a memorable shopping experience. No ring is complete without memories or a story attached! Schedule your ring consultation today at 405.513.8794.

Photo // Camryn Wild Photography

Jay’s Jewelry

Jay’s Jewelry has been in the business for over 70 years and has grown to be one of the most trusted names in jewelry in the Chickasaw region. It’s their goal to make every customer fee “at home,” with their custom styles and expert jewelry repairs. With high quality jewelry, lifetime guarantees and 70 years of trust – you can’t go wrong! Don’t forget to catch their holiday look-book located on their website here. They carry the latest ring styles that your soon-to-be is sure to love!

Photo // Ashley Porton Photography

Naifeh Fine Jewelry

Last but surely not least, we have Naifeh Fine Jewelry and their 1,500 square foot show room in Oklahoma City. Whether you’re going for a classic or more modern cut, Naifeh Fine Jewelry is sure to help you find just the look you’re wanting. In addition to being a gifted artist, designer and creator of beautiful jewelry, Naifeh also specializes in expert jewelry repair and restoration. Not matter what your ring needs, Naifeh Fine Jewelry is there to make that moment extra special!

Photo // Holly Gannett Photography

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