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Local Oklahoma Wedding Gifts and Registry: Tulips


Take a peek at some of the lovely items offered at local Oklahoma gift and registry hotspot, Tulips! If you’re searching for the perfect place to pick up a one-of-a-kind, meaningful gift for a bride-t0-be, or you are engaged and searching for that specialty registry locale, look no further than this Norman home and gift boutique. Specializing in bed, bath and tabletop, the customer service at Tulips is truly exceptional. The philosophy at Tulips is to transform daily routine into an expression of personal style, and they will do anything they can to help their customers on that journey. Every person who walks through their doors truly feels like they are walking into a home and they are the only guest. Visit their website for more info and to set-up an online registry. Cheers and happy shopping!

From top left to bottom right: Sasha Nicholas Personalized Champagne Bucket, Juliska Place Setting, Vietra Incanto Place Setting, Verre Champagne Flute, Candles and Frames, Sugarboo Pillow, Juliska Firenze Plates, Catstudio Oklahoma Dish Towel

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