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Looks of Love Winner


The Brides of Oklahoma is thrilled to announce its Looks of Love winner!  So many entered the contest and shared their love story with us!  We were inspired by all of the entries and can’t wait to share so many of them with all of you on our blog over the next couple of weeks!  The images and story that captured our hearts was that of Gabby Garrison, a kindergarten schoolteacher.  She wasn’t looking for love when she met her fiance, a firefighter, who just happened to stop in her classroom to speak to her kindergarten class about fire safety.  Gabby said that he “instantly got my attention….He talked to my kids so sweet and on their level.  He was so good.”  Gabby had also captured his attention and before leaving the classroom, he pulled Gabby aside and asked her on a date.  Brave move?!  Perhaps, but Gabby said yes and the couple have been inseparable since!!  Gabby recalls a little girl in her class saying, “Ms. Garrison, I think that fireman loves you.”  True love is recognizable by all!

Since fate brought these two together, life has been wonderful.  “We truly have fallen head over heels in love and when that happens and you look at that person, it’s indescribable.  He makes me feel like a princess every day of my life and he has shown me that fairy tale, happy endings do still exist.”  We couldn’t agree more!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!