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Looks of Love

Mackenzie + Casey

Photos: Kara Cheek Photography

Mackenzie + Casey

A Love Story for the Books

In the quiet corners of Barnes & Noble, surrounded by the comforting scent of books, Mackenzie and Casey met for the first time. While Mackenzie was engrossed in a novel, Casey approached her, initiating a conversation about their shared interest. As their discussion deepened, the hours slipped away unnoticed, their connection undeniable. Little did they know that this meeting among the bookshelves would mark the beginning of a love story that transcended the pages of any novel. Their love story continued to unfold in the picturesque landscapes of Ohio, where Casey’s pursuit of a master’s in physics at AFIT brought them together. The vibrant energy of the state became the backdrop to their growing romance, from exploring charming streets to sharing laughter in local cafes. Fate then led them to Oklahoma, where Casey embarked on pilot training. The decision to move from their familiar Ohio surroundings to the unknown of Oklahoma was a leap of faith, a shared adventure that strengthened their bond. Navigating the transition together, they discovered the beauty of embracing change as a couple, turning each challenge into an opportunity for growth and shared experiences. In the enchanting setting of Gloss Mountain in November 2023, knowing Mackenzie’s passion for collecting rocks, crystals, and fossils, Casey playfully encouraged Mackenzie to find a cool rock for her collection. Oblivious to his plan, she eagerly scoured the ground, completely absorbed in their rock-hunting adventure. As Mackenzie’s back was turned, Casey found the perfect “rock” of his own—a breathtaking diamond ring that sparkled in the sunlight. When she finally turned around, expecting to share the discovery of a unique geological find, there he was, down on one knee, holding not just any rock, but a symbol of forever. It was a beautiful and romantic moment that added a touch of magic to their engagement story.