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Mary + Matt

Photos: Madison Lance Photography


Mary + Matt

22 Days of Red Roses

Within the last 10 seconds of 2021, Matt gave me two 2-dollar bills, told me to keep them on me at all times and said, “It’s the year of 2’s; you’ll know when you know.” Matt started texting me at 2:22 everyday, telling me he loved me or about how excited he was for our future. On my 22nd birthday, Matt wrote on my dry-erase calendar “up until midnight” on the 31st of January. Matt counted down from 22 on the top of my calendar as well. On January 31st, Matt gave me another 2-dollar bill at midnight. Then on February 1st, Matt left 2 long stemmed red roses on my car, so I would see them when I left work for lunch. At midnight on February 2nd, Matt gave me a 2-dollar bill and two more long stemmed red roses. Matt left 2 roses on my car, so I’d see them when I was leaving for work, and when I got to work, Matt was there with 2 more roses. When I was getting ready to leave work since we were closing early in anticipation of a winter storm, one of the doctors at work told me had something for me at my desk. I got to my desk and there were two more roses and an envelope. The envelope told me to meet him where we met and we would go on an adventure. We drove all the way downtown in the snow and walked to the street between the Omni Hotel and the new convention center, and he proposed to me in the snow!