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New July Issue

by Brides of Oklahoma

July 2009 Brides of Oklahoma magazine 


The new July issue is finally here … well sort of! The plan was to have it on newsstands yesterday, but we can only confirm that they made it to Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City! The other bookstores might not receive them until next week! Urggh! We are so excited to share the new issue with everyone and may have been a little too hopeful that they would be out on shelves on the 7th. We hope that you will be patient … it’s driving us crazy too! Not to fear though, we will keep you updated on the magazines arrival!! You won’t be able to miss it on the newsstands once it’s out! We are absolutely in love with the new cover — thanks to cover bride Lara Munding Veazey and photographer Kevin Paul! You’ll love all of the new weddings from across the state — it just might be the best issue yet! We’ll keep you posted!