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These Former New Yorkers Took to the Tulsa Rooftops for Engagements

Susan Alyse Photography has done it again! These former New Yorkers celebrated and captured memories of their engagement amongst the classic, Art Deco architecture and brightly colored murals of downtown Tulsa. The perfect pit stop for a mid-engagement session snack? El Guapo’s rooftop cantina, of course! There isn’t a better pairing for the downtown Tulsa view than chips, salsa and cervezas! Afterward, Nikki and Jim took a scooter ride through the streets while Susan captured some of the sweetest in-the-moment photographs we’ve seen in a while! Congratulations to fun love!

Photos // Susan Alyse Photography

How did you meet?On Bumble! We both lived in NYC, and met up at a bar in the Lower East side, coincidentally both wearing the exact same buffalo plaid flannel shirt. It was an eventful first date, to say the least.”

How did your fiancé propose?While in New York over the holidays, it was a really cold, rainy night, we were planning on meeting our friends at a bar, but he insisted we walk through Washington Square park. The huge Christmas tree was lit up under the arch, and he suggested we went to take a photo. When we got closer, I could hear a violin playing my favorite Christmas song (Fairytale of New York by The Pogues) in the background. I turned to him, and he said, ‘they are playing for you.’ He got down on one knee and forgot everything he wanted to say, but he asked, I said yes and started sobbing. Then my best friend popped out of the crowd where she had been filming the whole thing, and we called Mom and drank Modelos in the park while carolers started singing. We then went to the bar to meet all of our friends and got to surprise people all night with our big news. After the bar, we went to Katz’s Deli to celebrate – It was the best night EVER.”

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