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The Ins and Outs of Planning an Out-of-State Wedding

The staff of Wedlink Media is booming with brides-to-be, as well as a couple newlyweds. Working in an industry where they are in-the-know on all things wedding has its advantages when it comes to planning the big day. In this video, Wedlink Media Account Executive Quincy talks about planning her out-of-state wedding and the perks and challenges of planning a wedding from afar.

Find A Wedding Planner

Almost every bride can benefit from having a wedding planner to help throughout the process, but when planning a wedding from afar it becomes even more essential. Along with taking stress off your plate, local wedding planners will have connections to vendors that you may not know about.

Easiest Tasks

The mentality of not having to stress about the wedding planning because i’m not there in the middle of it was the easiest part. It was nice to have work and real life be separated from the wedding planning process.

Most Difficult Tasks

The most difficult things to accomplish go hand in hand with the easiest, while distance and be great for staying stress free, it also means that you can not be hand on for the majority of the process. A lot of the communication will happen over the phone or via email, and if you want to see things in person you have to make a trip out of it.


Enjoy the experience! Take small weekend trips to wherever you’re getting married and make them fun. The trips can be both a vacation and a chance to have in-person meetings with vendors before the big day!

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