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A Romantic Autumn Proposal at the Baumberhof

Nestled on a bed of freshly fallen leaves, Collin proposed to Jillian in the most romantic autumn scene at the gorgeously picturesque Baumberhof in Edmond. We could not be more in love with Kayley Haulmark‘s unique ability to capture the most authentically beautiful side of this sweet couple! Snuggle up with a big mug of chai tea, and keep scrolling to read more about their love story.

Photos // Kayley Haulmark Photography


After moving back to their small hometown post-graduation to start work, Jillian and Collin became the hot-topic of conversation among everyone. From close friends, to their bosses, and even to Jillian’s dental patients, the two were destined to be together. The only people unconvinced were Jillian and Collin!

The pair was set up on a date as soon as they returned home from school, but ultimately agreed to remain friends. However, as the summer went on, and the pressure for their romantic relationship to become a reality lessened, a new-found interest was sparked, and the relationship took off! It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that they had each found something special.

“The timing was perfect, and we both knew within weeks of dating that we were done searching,” said Jillian.

Just as word spread quickly about two young, single post-grads, keeping an proposal a secret proved challenging for Collin. He had worked so hard to make sure that the big day was nothing short of perfection, but by the time it was all said and done, some eight people had spilled the beans to Jillian. The two decided that they wouldn’t let this stop them from making the day as unforgettable as they had always dreamed.

They grabbed brunch together on the day of the engagement, and even went to see a movie to calm their nerves! Later on, Jillian and Collin arrived at the venue that they had already decided would set the scene for their wedding day, and were led to a forested area, sprinkled with candles and flowers. Collin was only able to utter those four little words before Jillian could say yes! They were quickly greeted by their closest friends and family who had driven and flown from all across the country to celebrate this new chapter in their lives.

Congratulations to this cute couple!

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