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Tips to Kickstart Your Wedding Beauty and Fitness Regimen

Want to look and feel your best on your wedding day? Our office manager, Madison, is sharing her best tips on how to kickstart your wedding beauty and fitness regimen!

Daily Skincare and Health Routine

Prepping and planning for your wedding can bring on some added stress, so it’s the perfect time to be implementing healthy habits into your daily routine! When looking for ways to practice self-care, the best way to get started is to begin with the basics! Setting aside time for yourself during both the morning and at night can make a huge difference. Spend time creating a skincare routine that best suits you, even these small steps can add extra relaxation to your day! It is also important to make sure you are getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. These habits seem so simple, but they make all the difference!

Beauty Professionals

This is a time where you get to pamper yourself and pay extra special attention to taking care of your body! A great way to do this is to meet with an esthetician or licensed beauty professional who will work with you to create a routine that will help your skin look its best! Making time for facials and other beauty routines for yourself will give you a break in the busyness of wedding planning and allow you to relax and enjoy this process.

Workout Plan

If you are looking to begin a workout routine in preparation for your wedding, know that there are so many options available! The gym can be intimidating for some and to others it’s a place to destress, there are so many options that can fit for anyone! A personal trainer is a great option for those looking for one on one help. Your trainer can help you create workouts that fit perfectly with your goals and build your confidence in the gym. There are so many workout programs online that you can do at home or in the gym, as well as group classes for all different types of exercise routines! Find some friends and hold each other accountable. Don’t be afraid to start right where you are!

What to do the Week Before the Wedding

Use this week to remain as relaxed as possible! Take time to continue to pamper yourself, get your hair done, make your manicure appointment, just don’t make so many appointments that you feel overbooked! You want to spend this week doing things that make you feel good! You want to plan ahead to take as much off of your plate this week as possible. Make time to spend with your partner as well as family and friends and get excited for the best day ever!

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