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How Wedding Rental Vendors Keep up with Trends

Wicker. Amber glass. Palm fronds. Macrame. If you’re newly engaged and not familiar with the wedding scene just yet, you may not understand the significance of any of these decorative items that have taken vintage and bohemian wedding décor by storm in recent seasons. But how can you find the right pieces to suit your wedding and theme? We asked industry professional Leslie Steiner, owner of Scavenged Vintage Rentals, a few questions to figure out just how wedding rental vendors keep up with trends – plus, how they find new pieces to add to their repertoire for your wedding use. Read on for our Q&A to get the inside scoop!

How Wedding Rental Vendors Keep up with Trends

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Tell us about Scavenged Vintage Rentals.

Scavenged Vintage is a specialty rental company with a curated collection of vintage and vintage-inspired furniture and goods to elevate any celebration. Scavenged grew out of a love for all things design and vintage. One thing I have always enjoyed is when others share their passions with me, and my passion for design is the greatest gift that I can share with others.

How do vintage finds inspire you?

What I love most about vintage finds is that each piece is unique. The challenge is really “how can I make this piece shine?” This inspires me to push myself creatively when designing around a vintage focal piece.

How do you put a spin on vintage items to modernly style them?

An easy way to modernize a vintage find is by updating the finishes. I love using a colorful velvet or crisp linen upholstery to really let the design details of the piece shine but using these more modern finishes allows it to blend seamlessly into a modern landscape.

What trends are you seeing in wedding rentals?

I am currently seeing the use of bold colors in weddings, and I am here for it! On the other end of the spectrum, I am seeing a lot of nature-inspired color palettes that include the use of natural materials such as wood and wicker. And looking even further into the future, I see design going more toward simple shapes used in unexpected ways and exaggerated details.

How do wedding rentals relate to home décor trends?

Wedding trends go hand-in-hand with home decor trends. When couples picture their perfect wedding day it tends to fall in line with the style that they surround themselves with every day in their home. Incorporating trends and a couple’s personal style is the easiest way to create an inviting, comfortable feeling for their guests.

How often do you seek out new vintage décor?

I look for pieces to add to the collection every day – it’s a job that never stops! I am often on the road every week to new towns and cities in search of the perfect pieces to add to our ever-expanding inventory.

What goes into finding the perfect vintage piece?

First and foremost, it has to be in great shape, vintage furniture was built to last a lifetime but so often, pieces have been neglected and are just not suitable to be rented out. The other major consideration is the uniqueness of the piece, does everyone already have something like it or is this piece a showstopping, attention-grabber.

When you meet with a bride, how do you select what pieces will be right for them?

I enjoy working collaboratively with a bride, so we are both bringing our ideas to the table in order to get the best end result. During an initial meeting with a bride, I love to get to know them, what they do for a living, what they enjoy doing in their free time, etc. Getting to know someone on a more personal level gives a lot of insight into what their style is and what they might like to see in the form of rentals. Some other information I ask a bride about is the vibe they are seeking for their wedding. Is it laid back or more of a traditional vibe? All of this information goes a long way in helping me select the perfect pieces for each bride.

If you’re still on the hunt, check out more wedding rental vendors here or connect with Scavenged Vintage Rentals directly via their vendor profile here. Happy planning!

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