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Oklahoma wedding transportation from Old Urban Trolley

Make a unique entrance and grand exit at your wedding with charming transportation from Old Urban Trolley! Four different trolleys are available to transport you and your party in style! The largest trolley, Huggie Belle, carries 31 passengers and boasts wood and brass interior, park bench seating and a political platform available for picture perfect photo ops. Twin trolleys Harlee and Charlee feature oh-so-comfy cushioned seats and a wheelchair lift so everyone can enjoy the fun! Good Golly Miss Trolley can fit 16 passengers in her roomy and adorable cabin and is also equipped with wheelchair access. Everyone will love these charming trolleys when you arrive in style to walk down the aisle! For more information or to make reservations, visit their website or call 918.744.1100.

Photo Love: Andrea Murphy Photography (top row), Artworks Tulsa Photography (second, fourth and fifth row), Josh McCullock Photography (left picture on third row).