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Celebrating 20 Years of Pray for Rain with BC Clark Jewelers

In 1998, Oklahoma’s beloved BC Clark Jewelers launched an exciting promotion for brides and grooms. The Pray for Rain™ campaign played into the Sooner State’s notoriously unpredictable weather; if Mother Nature brought more than 1 inch of rain or snow on a BC Clark couple’s big day, they would receive a full refund of the purchase price of that ring.*

Two decades and nearly $1 million later, the prayers of 217 couples (and counting) have been answered, and BC Clark has solidified its place in the hearts of Oklahoma’s betrothed. Here’s what real Pray for Rain™ winners had to say about their BC Clark experience, and why the jeweler helped them to have the best day ever.

Brittan + John David Willimon | Brett Heidebrecht Photography

“We choose BC Clark for the quality of their selection and the expertise of Paul Minton. Paul, our jeweler at BC Clark, is a long-time family friend. I always knew he would be the one who found the perfect ring for me, thankfully John David knew that too! One of the best parts about winning was that our wedding was in Keystone, Colorado. The weather was absolutely perfect-bluebird skies! I remember my dad coming up to John David and I at the end of the wedding telling us that OKC received over an inch of rain. I quickly sent Paul a text asking if we qualified; he replied ‘of course.’ It was such a sweet surprise! Thank you Mother Nature!”

Haley + Bryce Ward | Aaron Snow Photography

“Normally, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about rain [in June], especially considering the past years’ droughts, so we planned an outdoor wedding. But that summer ended up being one of the wettest on record. It rained a lot the night before our wedding, so BC Clark knew we had won early on our wedding day. They called Bryce the morning of to tell him. It was a great surprise. We knew about the promotion, but it wasn’t the reason we [chose BC Clark]. We knew their service was great… We knew they had great quality diamonds and we like their program that lets you ‘trade up’ diamonds down the road.”

Sara Kate + Jason Little | Brett Heidebrecht Photography

“Jason purchased the ring from BC Clark because of their reputation for quality and customer service. Coleman Clark helped Jason with a 100-year-old antique ring he’d found in California, and helped make sure it was ready to be worn for a hundred more. We knew there was rain in the forecast and had plans to get married in my parent’s backyard under a specific tree. The day of, we got more than we bargained for – a flash flood. There were so many things that went off script, but looking back, those were my favorite things – wearing rain boots, the pastor humming ‘Here Comes The Bride,’ barefoot guests and a double rainbow. Many of our guests went barefoot and still rave about how much fun they had playing in the mud. [When we realized we were Pray for Rain™ winners,] we were outside taking photos. I looked at my husband with my mouth gaping open and he was dancing a jig.”

Jessica + Bryan Dean | Reflections Photography by Ashley

“Living in Oklahoma, you can always count on one thing: the weather is consistently inconsistent. I believe that there was a foot of snow over the entire Midwest on our wedding weekend. Half of our wedding party couldn’t make the drive and we had to modify venues and who was officiating, but we were able to make snow angels on our wedding night and not many people can say that. Wendy (from BC Clark) texted me after the wedding to say we’d won. We couldn’t believe our luck, and honestly, we didn’t know that snow counted!”

Elizabeth + Edward Roberts | Jess Mudhar and Jawanza Bassue Photography

“I knew about Pray for Rain™, but that’s not why we bought our rings at BC Clark. We loved the quality and the variety of rings they offer. And ours was the most amazing day ever because I got my [rain-free], outdoor dream wedding in the Wichita Mountains, and BC Clark still honored the Pray for Rain™ [promotion] because it rained in OKC! After I walked down the aisle, Jim Clark, the owner who I know personally (he was at our wedding), was waiting for my new husband and I with a big smile on his face, ready to share the news. We have some pretty awesome pictures of us all giving high-fives and hugging. I didn’t think it was possible to be more happy after saying ‘I do,’ then found out it was!”


*up to $5,000 value, not including sales tax

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