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Your House Hunting Questions Answered with Metro First Realty

While wedding planning may be your #1 right now, finding a home as newlyweds is certainly high on the agenda. Metro First Realty’s Reza Khorsand-nia is our go-to realtor, ready to help you find the perfect home to start your life together in! Today, we’re sitting down with Reza to get a professional opinion on some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding purchasing a home in the Oklahoma City area as first-time buyers. Read on to get in the know!

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Would you suggest shopping for a home before or after the wedding?

Before the wedding, because interest rates are expected to go up.

What tips do you have on buying a home?

1. Get a full-time working realtor. Helping the buyers find a home is a free service to the buyers, and we can suggest many great lenders that we have worked with first hand.  (A reputable lender you choose matters to both sides of the transaction.)

2. Get a “pre-approval” letter from your lender. Doing this gives you the power and knowledge of the price range in home shopping you qualify for.

3. Your realtor will set up a search for you. Your real estate agent will listen to your real estate needs and focus on finding you homes based on your criteria. From there, you can sit back and wait for homes to come to your inbox.

What type of budget should couples realistically be considering when buying their first home?

With interest rates said to be rising and homes increasing in value, I suggest buying as much house as you can afford.

In your experience, what is the most typical area of the OKC metro that first-time homeowners and/or newlyweds purchase a home in, and why is that?

First time home buyers buy in several areas. Areas of town that have a lot of entertainment available. I have some buying in Edmond, Yukon, Norman, Midtown, Plaza District, and some that buy near the Paseo. Oklahoma has expanded their youth sense of entertainment and people love it.

What are your favorite areas to suggest to first-time homeowners/newlyweds?

Edmond or any historical area is always a eye catcher for buyers. I always listen to the buyers and let them determine where they would like to live. In the end, it’s the buyers who will be living there and location plays a big part with enjoying your home.

Any other insight you’d like to share?

Choose a realtor that you feel comfortable with. One that will look out for your best interests and be honest with you. A realtor that will keep you informed throughout the entire process from start to finish is very important.

The right realtor will guide you through every step of the process and you will have many resources at your disposal. Your realtor will suggest a great and reputable lender, listen to your needs and set up a home search based on your criteria given. Your realtor will explain the entire buying process and submit your offer, schedule a title company to close at (of the buyers choice), coordinate with their lender, set up home inspections, termite inspections and handle all the paperwork in between. Making sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish and answering any questions that a buyer may have.

Buying a home is the biggest purchase of your life. Making that process smooth and enjoyable as possible is my mission!

Call 405.808.9332 to meet with Reza Khorsand-nia and start searching for your home today!

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