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A Couple of Oklahoma Couples

A couple of Oklahoma couples

We are so happy to be celebrating our 5th Anniversary this year at Brides of Oklahoma and we thought we would look back and celebrate two of the couples from our inaugural issue who are celebrating their 5 year anniversaries as well! Amanda Watson Photography captured these two cute couples as they looked back on their wedding days.

Patrick and Jessica Ockershauser tied the knot in Norman, Oklahoma surrounded by family, friends and their 28-person wedding party. Looking back, the two say there is nothing they would change about their wedding. A swarm of friends and family to celebrate their love…now it doesn’t get much more perfect than that. Five years later, you can find the Ockershauser’s in their loveable home in Oklahoma City with their darling daughter, Claire. And as a five-year veteran regarding this lovely thing known as marriage, the two have a bit of wedded wisdom to pass along to couples. If you find yourself in the middle of an engagement, Jessica and Patrick have two simple words for you: have fun! Although the pre-wedding time can be fast-paced and busy, the couple stresses how this is your first opportunity to work as a team to successfully accomplish one of the most memorable days of your life.
K.W. and Lindsey Cryer were tying the knot five years ago at their wedding in Guymon, Oklahoma, sharing the occasion with 500 guests that danced and lounged in the warehouse Lindsey had renovated with her father and brother especially for the occasion. Five years later, Lindsey and K.W. are parents of two adorable daughters. K.W. and Lindsey have moved five times over the last five years but have finally found their “home” they have been looking for. Although they haven’t lived in their current house for long, K.W. and Lindsey have something to show for their past five years bouncing from place to place.  For all of those engaged couples out there, LIndsey and K.W. suggest you document everything through pictures, journaling and video. The Cryer’s say although it has only been five years, they are already forgetting things about their special day.
Cheers to five fabulous years!