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Abby and Ryan:  Looks of Love Winner

Abby and Ryan:  Looks of Love Winner

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We literally love the month of February – and love even more our annual Looks of Love contest!  Thanks so much to all of the amazing fans who helped us pick our 2012 Looks of Love Winner!!!  We received a flood of entries and it was so much fun to read all of the amazing love stories.  It was a true task to narrow our favorites to 10 and loved engaging our fans to pick the winner!  Abby and Ryan are such an adorable couple and their engagement pictures captured by Picturesque Photos by Amanda are amazing!  This duo met and fell in love while in college at Oklahoma State University.  Ryan’s graduate school took him out of state for many months and that’s when the couple knew they couldn’t live without each other.  While home during the holidays, the couple went shopping for engagement rings and although they found the perfect ring, Ryan told Abby it wouldn’t be ready until summer.  Little did she know, he had a surprise proposal in store that very same month and had already asked Abby’s father for his blessing.  On Christmas eve, Ryan volunteered to say the prayer before dinner – no pressure, right?!?  Ryan turned his prayer into a proposal and got down on one knee and asked Abby to marry him!  Shocked and overcome with joy, Abby said yes and the holiday was sweeter than ever!  We’re so excited for Abby and Ryan and can’t wait to send them on a romantic dinner date on us!  Thanks to all of the amazing couples who entered the contest and shared their love stories with us!  Cheers!