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Blogs You’ll Love (…we do)

Planning a wedding has to be more fun now than ever with the blogging phenomenon!!!  For all of The Brides of Oklahoma blog fanatics, you’ll love reading up on these other Oklahoma wedding blogs that we love!  These are the blogs of so many wedding vendors you’ve seen in the mag or in The [B] Galleries on our Web site.  What could be better than getting a sneak peak into talent and even the day to day lives of those that you’ll trust with one of the most important days of your life?  Become a follower of the blogs of all of your top wedding vendor picks to get a true sense of who they are and what they are all about.  And just in case you can’t follow everyone you’d like, stay tuned to The Brides of Oklahoma!!!  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts from the local blogs we love!

Zinke Design  |  http://zinkedesign.wordpress.com/

Little Surprises Design  |  http://littlesurprisesdesign.blogspot.com/

Andrea Murphy Photography  |  http://www.photodre.blogspot.com/

Beautiful Day Images  |  http://www.beautifuldayimages.com/#

Brock’s Photography  |  http://www.brocksphotography.com/blog/

Candi Coffman Photography  |  http://candiphoto.blogspot.com/

Charles Samples Photography  |  http://charlessamples.com/blog/

Chris Humphrey Photographer  |  http://chphotographer.wordpress.com/

Colorband Photography Studio  |  http://www.colorbandbuzz.blogspot.com/

Courtney Morehead Photography  |  http://www.courtneymorehead.com/blog/

David Baxter Photography  |  http://www.davidbaxterphotography.blogspot.com/

Jesse Reich Photography  |  http://www.jessereich.com/blog/

Josh McCullock Photography  |  http://www.joshmccullock.blogspot.com/

Kalee Ridings Photography  |  http://www.kaleeridingsphotography.blogspot.com/

LS Dunham Photography  |  http://lsdunham.blogspot.com/

Lynn Timmons Photography  |  http://www.lynntimmons.com/blog.html

Stubbs Photography by Kim  |  http://stubbsphotographybykim.blogspot.com/

Tammy O’Dell Photography  |  http://stubbsphotographybykim.blogspot.com/

Tara Lokey Photography  |  http://www.taralokey.blogspot.com/