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Branch Out Just a Bit

Branches are a big deal! Incorporating big branches or even actual trees has been a huge hit at Oklahoma wedding receptions.  From the sophisticated affair to the true green Oklahoma wedding, a bit of bark can really add texture and appeal.  We snagged a few of our favorite snap shots from The [B] Galleries of designs of Oklahoma wedding florists.  Centerpieces like the ones above with giant curly willow branches surrounded by the softest of petals or even a more simplistic look of just birch branches by themselves have really been a rage, so we just wanted to share!  

Click on your favorite image above to view more designs of the talented designer behind the arrangement. Or, check out their designs in The [B] Galleries online now.   Click here for more looks from Oklahoma City wedding florist, Rebecca Thai of Little Surprises Design, or click here for the designs of Tulsa wedding florist, Anne-Marie Foy of The French Bouquet.