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Destiny + Nicholas

Photos: Madison Made Collections

Destiny + Nicholas

A Love Beyond Distance: Nicholas + Destiny’s Journey from University Romance to Forever

Nicholas & Destiny’s love story began in 2018 at the University of Arkansas. Nicholas claims he saw Destiny first and fell in love, but Destiny swears she saw him first and knew that they were supposed to be together. Even though the two were in the same program, broadcast journalism, their first class together wasn’t until their junior year. Once in the same class Nicholas would constantly get in trouble for turning around and talking to Destiny all class. After their first date at the local skating rink the two became inseparable. Once they graduated they spent two years doing long distance. Nicholas in Arkansas and Destiny back in OKC with her family. After constant weekend meetups in Tulsa, Fayetteville and OKC along with driving in snow storms to see each other Nicholas decided it was time to move to OKC and live together. One year later on December 17, 2022 he took her to the Myriad Gardens where he got down on one knee and proposed. Destiny was completely surprised, she had no idea and Nicholas had co-workers from KFOR hide in the trees and record the whole thing! Now the college sweethearts are excitedly planning for the day they become husband and wife at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center surrounded by their loved ones.



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