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Looks of Love

Baye + Jake

Photos: Chloë Winstanley Photography

Baye + Jake

In Love in London

Jake and Baye met in college in 2019. He played baseball and she played soccer. They both knew of each other, but did not officially meet until an engagement party that was hosted at his college house. They were both headed to the bedlam football game the next day with some other people so they all decided to carpool from Tulsa to Norman. Jake had a photo that Baye wanted, so he got her snapchat and sent it to her From there, they continued talking until the wedding they were attending of the couple he hosted the engagement party for. At the reception, he asked her to dance and they went on their first date about a week later! Now, they are getting married at the same venue (The Mayo Hotel) that he asked her to dance for the first time at- over 6 1/2 years later. Jake proposed to Baye while they were on a trip in London. He hired a photographer that they had met at a family friend’s wedding in Scotland a few weeks prior who just happened to be based in London (fate!), and he dropped down on one knee just steps from Buckingham palace near St. James Park. Then they adventured through town taking photos near Big Ben and other landmarks.With London now holding an even more special place in their hearts, they eagerly anticipate exchanging vows in 2025, embarking on a new chapter of their lives filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.